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Jelurida Weekly Wins

09 November 2020


Lior's interview by CEO Spotlight

The role of technology in global pandemics has been examined in the interview with Lior Yaffe by CEO Spotlight.
After a brief introduction about his career and the Jelurida company business, Lior explains that throughout the years, the blockchain technology has been offering great opportunities to enterprises and governments, thanks to its transformative potential. Especially today, during the current health crisis, blockchain technology represents the solution to many organizations' issues and challenges. Data security, transparency, immutability of recorded data and the absence of intermediaries are the key properties that make this technology strong and valuable for adoption. Therefore, Jelurida is focused on following best-in-class industry standards for software development and security, to make the adoption of blockchain technology fast, easy and user-friendly.

New Ardor & Nxt Technical forum

The new Ardor & Nxt technical forum is now available for technical discussions between the Jelurida developers team and the crypto community. The new forum is now the only platform for technical discussions, so no questions will be answered on the previous Slack channel. The goal is to create a more comprehensive, effective and supportive new communication as well as creating a knowledge base for the technology, which will be indexed by Google, thus easier for newcomers to find our solutions.

Ardor quiz with ChangeNow

To follow up with the past AMA event with Francisco Sarrias, a competition has been launched in collaboration with ChangeNOW. Test your knowledge about Ardor and Jelurida, answer the quiz correctly and take the chance to win $10 in ARDR. Last days to participate!

Alberto will participate at Galileo Blockchain webinar on Nov 19

Alberto Fernandez will join the Galileo 5th webinar "Blockchain in Space: Applications of the Blockchain for Galileo", on November 19 at 16:00 CET. During the seminar, the new Esri project prototype will be jointly presented by Alberto and Ersi Spain Solution Engineer, Andrés Munoz.

Register here to join the free online event.

Lior will be speaker at Crypto Economy Forum on Nov 26

Lior will be one of the 30 international CEOs and crypto experts speaking at the Crypto Economy Forum, presenting Ardor blockchain on November 26, at 14:30 CET. Decentralized cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Banking, Superfluid, Yield Farming, Mining, STO and DeFi protocols are some of the many topics that will be discussed during the forum. The event, organized by CryptoPlaza, will be in Spanish with simultaneous translation into English.

GiveSafely presented with Washington DC, Association of Fundraising Professionals

GiveSafely, the new secure donation platform built on Ardor blockchain, has been presented with Washington DC, Association of Fundraising Professionals during the "Blockchain in fundraising and giving" event on November 6.
Ezra Vazquez-D'Amico, manager of GiveSafely, shared the new donation platform model to target, attract, protect and engage millennials and tech-savvy donors and, in particular, how blockchain technology can improve donors' privacy, security, data control and peer-to-peer donor-charity relationships.

GIEF&IBIE 2020 covered in Chinese media

Jelurida's participation in the GIEF & IBIE 2020 in Chengdu, China on October 29 and 30, covered by Chinese media Cosmos News.

The Chengdu fair theme about "Linking Ecology, Empowering a new Future" brought many leading project teams to gather and discuss the future development and application of blockchain technology in specific urban governance scenarios. In that context, Jelurida team had the opportunity to present some of the high-quality projects recently deployed on Ardor public chain, with applications in various fields, as MaxCrowdfund, Triffic, GiveSafely, HotCity and QualiSig projects.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!