Jelurida Weekly Wins

02 November 2020


Esri Spain presented a new Ardor based geolocation project

The new geolocation project, based on Ardor blockchain technology, was presented by Esri Spain on October 28th, during the Esri Spain 2020 online conference "Interconnecting Our World – Blockchain in transportation".
The Ardor-based solution helps tracking the supply chain. The trucks send IoT information to Ersi Ardor node, which is connected to the network and attached to a centralized database. The solution allows to extend the functionality of a blockchain using open APIs and to add data to a public blockchain, thus its veracity can be checked afterwards.

Ardor and QualiSig mentioned by Forbes

What is the future for digital identities on blockchain is well explained by a Forbes article.
Decentralized Digital Identity is the field of blockchain in which the biggest use cases are emerging, with great interest from governments and enterprises, to verify and manage personal data on-chain rather than from centralized authorities or agencies. Ardor, the Jelurida public blockchain, was employed this year for QualiSig - a project to implement secure and traceable COVID-related communication between the Austrian government and citizens.
Blockchain-based digital identity systems provide all security and data protection features and functionalities needed by citizens to regain control over their data, without exposing repeatedly private information as with the existing KYC (Know Your Customer) solutions. The challenge of these innovations is finding the right balance between transparency and local privacy; the individual freedom and regulatory compliance, and between the accessibility and user experience combined with usability and security.

Upcoming Jelurida documentary on New Frontiers in Blockchain

Jelurida will be part of the New Frontiers TV series presenting cutting-edge blockchain organizations that are shaping the world's blockchain field. The Planet TV Studios series is a short documentary form that will air in the first quarter of 2021, on TV and on-demand TV platforms.

Ardor multifunctional blockchain without compromises

This ZyCrypto article presents how different blockchain platforms have evolved over the years, balancing their strengths over their limitations. Ardor, with its child chain Ignis, is the blockchain platform that achieves multiple features and functionality without compromising on core factors, pushing ahead of newer competitors.
Blockchain's value doesn't lie in the hype of token price charts but in its long-term functionality and utility. Therefore, the value of Ardor has been showcased in many projects with enterprises, governments and crypto companies, like QualiSig, Triffic, HotCity and many more.

FreeBird decentralized microblog – new open source under the JPL

The FreeBird project, a decentralized microblogging application, has now been released as open source software under the Jelurida Public License (JPL), with the 10% airdrop requirement applicable to the holders of the FBC asset on the Ardor platform.
Originally developed for Nxt, FreeBird was ported to Ardor in 2018, and is now at version 2.1.2. With the ever increasing censorship by the centralized social networks and media, a decentralized blockchain-based social network where free speech is welcome is sorely needed. FreeBird aims to make it easy for all Ardor users to broadcast their thoughts on the blockchain, without fear of being censored.

Jelurida attended GIEF & IBIE 2020 in Chengdu, China

Jelurida took part in the 2020 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair - the "First International Blockchain Industry Expo" in China. Many business opportunities have been explored, while networking with project developers and forward-thinking investors about the great potential of the Jelurida blockchain platforms.

Revain collaboration for user reviews on Jelurida website

A new collaboration has been established with Revain, the review platform for crypto community. Now, our blockchain users and crypto enthusiasts can share their experience about Ardor, Ignis and Nxt platforms directly on Jelurida website, while earning tokens and informing the community.