Jelurida Weekly Wins

21 September 2020


Ardor Node Docker image

Jelurida has developed an official Ardor Node Docker image. This new component published on Docker Hub enables users to deploy an Ardor node and automatically bootstrap the blockchain database. Providers such as Azure, Amazon, Digital Ocean, and many others can also take advantage of this container to build the Ardor infrastructure on cloud computing software. For more information, please refer to the Ardor Docker Image documentation.

Sept 22 – Ardor blockchain planned hardfork for mainnet

The Ardor client 2.3.2 stable release is a mandatory update for mainnet. A hardfork to enable new functionality and activate the GPS child chain is scheduled for block 1453000 expected on September 22, 2020. The following new features, already available on testnet, will be activated on mainnet after the hardfork:

  • Allow sending zero fee child chain transactions, even from accounts not yet registered on the blockchain
  • Allow setting up account control with zero max fees
  • The AEUR child chain will become permissioned, thus disabling further transactions with AEUR after the hardfork.

Sept 22 – GPS child chain goes live

The Triffic GPS token blockchain upgrade will be live on September 22 and many ground-breaking news are coming! Download the Triffic app and get rewarded in GPS tokens for your physical efforts or for promoting your business service.

Francisco's AMA recap with NanoNews

Francisco Sarrias, Senior Sales Engineer at Jelurida, was guest speaker on September 15 in AMA event hosted by NanoNews Indonesian community. He briefly described Ardor blockchain and its competitive advantages, the major milestones Ardor achieved so far and its future pipeline. During the live session, he answered many engaging questions about the role and use of ARDR, IGNIS and NXT tokens in Jelurida ecosystem and how to get started for Ardor newcomers. He also explained how Ardor solves the scaling problem, its security mechanism and decentralization, his opinion about yield farming, Jelurida solid strategy against new competing blockchain startups and the next steps of marketing strategy to promote Jelurida projects.

Watch Adedayo's presentation about blockchain education in Africa

Adedayo Adebajo, managing director of Jelurida Africa, presents the Journey of Blockchain Education in Africa, the Africa Blockchain Institute's story during ABDC weekend series.
After two years spent on educating students at universities all around Nigeria about blockchain technology, the Africa Blockchain Institute was founded with the goal to promote the adoption, development and use of blockchain technology in larger scale and to bring all of Africa into the ecosystem. Africa Blockchain Institute provides high-quality education to professionals, entrepreneurs, government regulators, and the public.

AMA on Sept 22 with Alberto & Zero To Hero Crypto

Alberto Fernandez, Jelurida software engineer and business developer, will be guest speaker in AMA event hosted by Zero To Hero Crypto community on September 22, at 3 PM UTC. Join the Telegram community, raise new questions about the Ardor platform and Jelurida, for a total reward of $150.