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14 September 2020


Ardor vs Ethereum 2.0 – covered by CoinTelegraph

The article by CoinTelegraph describes the challenge that Ethereum 2.0 is facing due to the broad competition of 2020. While Ethereum 2.0 is still under development, with 2 to 3 months time away from the upgrade or two years from full implementation, many other developers have already taken the opportunity to build blockchain platforms that overcome the same issues that ETH 2.0 is seeking to solve, and competition is getting harder. So, how and when Ethereum 2.0 will be ready is still a guess.
Launched in 2018, Ardor was one of the first platforms built on multichain architecture running on a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. Compared to the linear blockchains of Bitcoin or Ethereum, Ardor provides high operational efficiency thanks to the parent child chain structure.
"Ardor's child chain building system enables an application developer to sponsor the transaction fees for its users, and optionally creates a hybrid application of permissioned shard secured by a permissionless public chain. And both features are available on the mainnet" said Lior Yaffe, co-founder and director of Jelurida.
Although Ethereum has larger adopttion, Ardor has outstanding potential in the long term, based on its major features of interoperability and scalability.

Take the red pill or blue pill: New article by Ardorbaby in Nxter Magazine

Cheoleung Kim, Head of Jelurida Korea, also known as Ardorbaby in the community, explains the "truth of reality" to crypto investors. In Nxter article, he clarifies the most challenging issues about scalability, centralized blockchain, smart contracts, POS reward, blockchain adoption, coin price, DeFi's crypto landing and why the crypto market has become irrational, regardless of the value of technology.
Ardor blockchain is the only project built with POS consensus and multi-chain architecture on the mainnet, which has been adopted for many real use cases. But Ardor's position in the marketcap rating doesn't reflect yet its advanced technology level and huge potential. Therefore, he suggests that wise players should invest in undervalued projects in which they believe in, diversify the portfolio and hold until the market value is appropriate.

Sep 15: AMA with Francisco hosted by Nano News

Francisco Sarrias, Jelurida senior sales engineer, will participate as speaker in the AMA event hosted by Nano News, Global and Indonesian community on September 15, at 12 PM UTC. Join the live session on Telegram and share your best questions about Ardor and Jelurida, for a total reward of $150.

Read the interview with Ardor Community Hackathon winner Atzen

Congratulations to Attila Aldemir, a.k.a. Atzen, for the "bba DID Method based on the Ardor blockchain" submission, the winner of Ardor Community Hackathon.
In the interview, Atzen explains that Decentralized IDentifiers are globally unique identifiers that can be created and managed by the user itself. The DID connects to DID documents containing personal public information and service endpoints for further authentication and interaction.
DID and DID documents are part of the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) model, which represents a new identity management approach to give control of private data and accounts back to the users, instead of relying on 3rd parties. Thus, the method benefits users by creating autonomy to self-sovereignly create, use and manage their digital identities.
The bba DID method is unique to the Ardor blockchain, while other DID methods exist for other blockchains. Therefore, the goal of Atzen's submission is to include Ardor in the SSI ecosystem as a verifiable data register and to strengthen the SSI decentralization by adding an additional infrastructure for DID recording.

Francisco to participate at Blockpool BootCamp on Sept 18

Francisco is confirmed speaker at the Blockpool BootCamp on September 18, at 10-11 am CEST. He will present how to use smart contracts without being a developer with the Ignis blockchain. Ignis blockchain runs on top of the Proof of Stake Ardor public multichain platform, one of the most environmentally friendly platforms available in the blockchain ecosystem.
The talk will describe how the Ignis and Ardor architecture provide templates for the most common smart contracts, thus SME's can overcome the barriers for blockchain adoption and use them in their decentralized applications with a web wallet or an easy Rest API interface.
Free online event, to participate register here.

Alberto's AMA recap with CryptoNationIn

Alberto Fernandez, Jelurida software engineer and business developer, took part as speaker on September 8 to AMA session hosted by CryptoNationIn Indian community. After introducing himself, Alberto presented the Ardor ecosystem, the several projects currently running on it and the idea behind the launch of Ardor. Many interesting questions were raised from the community about the new Ardor hackathon project, the significant advantages of new Ardor release version 2.3.2, Consensus-as-a-service and the parent-child chain architecture, how to balance the value of technology development with the value of $ARDR token and how to prevent DeFi scam tokens on Ardor. During the live Telegram session, numerous questions were answered about the roles of child chains on Ardor, the staking structure and reward system, the Ardor competitive advantage for adoption, global partnerships and scalability benefits. Then, Alberto also explained IoT projects on Ardor, the security level of Ardor official light wallets, the fund raising for projects development, the listing tokens on leading exchanges, Ardor design against DeFi smart contract vulnerability, stateless lightweight contracts on Ignis, multi-signature configuration advantages, how to attract new investors, the "full blockchain as a service" model, why attacks on Ardor are impractical, the most common blockchain issues that Ardor is solving and the security of users data.

IGNIS listed on AlterDice Exchange

Starting from September 11, Ignis is now listed for trading on AlterDice Exchange with an IGNIS/BTC pair.

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