Jelurida Weekly Wins

31 August 2020


Reminder: Node Reward Program participants to upgrade their nodes before September 1st

Jelurida kindly reminds all participants in the Ardor Node Reward Program to upgrade all their nodes to the latest version (2.3.2) before September 1. Nodes running earlier Ardor versions will no longer be entitled to rewards. For further information see the Node Reward Program page.

The dangers of centralization - Lior's view on CryptoDaily

Lior's comments on the recent Ethereum testnet fork and the dangers of over-centralization demonstrated by this accident were presented in an article on CryptoDaily. Lior also criticized the unnecessary complexity of the Ethereum's Casper proof-of-stake design, contrasting it with the simple and stable PoS implementation in Nxt, the first pure proof-of-stake blockchain.

Ardor Community Hackathon 2020 - winners announcement

Congratulations to all developers, designers and participants who took part in the Ardor Community Hackathon 2020, and many thanks to the community member MrV777 for organizing this incredible competition. Awesome open source projects were submitted in different categories, bringing inspiring engagement into the Ardor Community. All votes have been counted, and winners and rewards are now announced.

Lior's AMA recap with BCCORE community is published

Lior Yaffe, Jelurida Co-Founder, took part as speaker on August 26 to AMA (Ask Me Anything) session by Blockchain CORE community. Lior presented the distinctive features of Ardor as a development platform for decentralized applications, illustrated its usability, and also mentioned the node reward program. Plenty of interesting questions were raised by the Vietnamese community about business strategy for community building, the major milestones achieved by Ardor and Ignis, the benefits of PoS consensus algorithm, the new Ardor hackathon project ArdorPi and how Jelurida turned challenges related to Covid-19 into opportunities, with the example of QualiSig project with the Austrian government. During the last part of the AMA session, many different topics were discussed about the relationship and difference between Ardor, Ignis and Nxt; Ardor's ability to prevent scam tokens, how to start building on Ardor blockchain, the benefits of higher scalability and usability stemming from Ardor's parent-child chain architecture, Jelurida's revenue model, attracting investors, and the challenges that Ardor is facing.

Adedayo speaker at 8th Digital Africa Conference & Exhibition

Adedayo Adebajo, managing director of Jelurida Africa, took part as a speaker in the 8th Digital Africa Conference & Exhibition, which is Africa's premier consumer technology show. The panel session "Building Resilience & Sustainability in Africa's Future Tech" led to a constructive discussion about the seven declared aspirations for the Agenda 2063 of Africa Union (AU). The question is whether these aspirations do reflect Africa's needs for a sustainable future tech or not, and what other solutions should Africa embrace.

New press section page on

Jelurida has added a new Press Mentions section on its website, listing press articles about Jelurida, Ardor, Ignis, Nxt, and related projects and news. The section has been included to benefit our audience and community with easy-to-find and always available articles and references, highlighting Jelurida professional approach and the reliability gained in time from the most credited blockchain news websites.

Ardor blockchain for crowdfunding African startups

Ardor blockchain platform has been mentioned by Decentralize Africa and described as the most successful crowdfunding platform used in Africa so far, providing an easy, safe and transparent access to investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Crowdfunding using blockchain technology like Ardor platform can simplify raising capital for business purposes with immutable account record of transactions, ensuring high data security and eliminating the middlemen. This decentralized approach connects directly investors with business owners, opening the opportunity to succeed to many crowdfunded projects.