Jelurida Weekly Wins

24 August 2020


Recap of Lior's D'va News AMA is published

Lior Yaffe, Jelurida Co-Founder, took part as speaker on August 17 in AMA (Ask Me Anything) session by D'va News community. After he introduced his career in blockchain and the Ardor and Ignis projects, many interesting questions were raised by the community about the projects revenue and adoption, the unique parent-child chain architecture and the marketing strategy to achieve the set goals. Then, during the last session, several topics were discussed: from Lior's opinion about DeFi, to how Ardor and Ignis tackle the common core issues in blockchain technology today, the competitive advantage of Ignis, the users' security, Consensus-as-a-Service and how to launch your own blockchain on Ardor, the Java programming language, adoption of Ardor, and POS requirements.

New Triffic version is available for iOS and Android

Triffic, the world's first GPS powered augmented reality rewards app built on Ardor blockchain technology, released a new version for iOS and Android. In the augmented reality, anyone can find different Triffic Beacons types while moving around on daily routine and get rewarded with GPS tokens, now featured with the new referral payback system. For more info visit the Triffic website.

Public voting running on Ignis child chain for the best submissions of Ardor Community Hackathon

The public poll on Ignis blockchain is now open for voting for the best submissions to the Ardor Community Hackathon, which brought together developers and designers to present their ideas while testing the new features built on the Ardor blockchain platform. This poll will count for 20% of the total score, together with votes from the jury, Ardor community members and the Jelurida team. Minimal balance to vote is 2000 IGNIS and you can vote for up to 11 projects, choosing a score between 1(lowest) and 5(highest/best). Winners will be announced by the end of August in the #hackathon channel on Ardor's Slack.

Lior speaker at BCCORE AMA session on August 26

Lior Yaffe will participate as a speaker in a BCCORE AMA session about Ardor blockchain on August 26, at 15:00 (GMT+7). Join the BCCORE telegram community, be ready to share your best questions and participate in the final quiz, for a total reward of $300.

2020 Blockchain raising stars - Jelurida selected for Mainnet part

Jelurida has been selected for the Mainnet part by the committee of "2020 Blockchain raising stars 8", which awards foundations and people from blockchain and original market. Jelurida received credit as the Ardor and NXT blockchain software company that introduced Ardor blockchain technology for the Austrian government project on Covid-19 communication.

Francisco participated at WSIS Forum and ChangeNow AMA

Francisco Sarrias, Senior Sales Engineer at Jelurida, participated at WSIS Forum 2020 on August 19 speaking about cryptocurrencies and Ignis blockchain crowdfunding platform as global accelerator of financial inclusion. On August 21, Francisco also took part in ChangeNOW AMA session, presenting to the community Ardor blockchain technology, key features and competitive advantages.