Jelurida Weekly Wins

13 July 2020


Ardor stable release coming in July!

A month ago we released a new experimental version of Ardor with many new features, Ledger hardware wallet integration and multiple performance and UI enhancements. Now the developments team is working hard to prepare the next stable release which will bring all improvements to mainnet. Our community may expect the new version to be live by the end of July!

TechTimes exploring the Proof-of-Stake origin in a dedicated article

Another article was published last week focusing on the history and origin of the Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm, the cause of which were again Algorand's false claims to be the first "pure" Proof-of-Stake blockchain. And while the whole crypto community is slowly starting to acknowledge the obvious advantages of this mechanism against Proof-of-Work, the growing number of publications also shows that the blockchain world lately is willing to show less and less tolerance towards the uncontrollable hype and cheap marketing tricks which totally disregard basic facts in the industry. New discussions on Quora and an article on Benzinga are also an evidence of the growing interest in the subject.

Ardor community hackathon covered in Chinese media

The ongoing Ardor Community Hackathon which started on July 1 and will run until August 15, was also covered by Chinese media - in Blockchain Blue Sea, beekuaibao, and many more, reaching a potential audience of millions of people. We will be happy to see more developers from all over the world joining the growing Ardor community, showing their technical skills, and winning great prizes!

Trading bot smart contract for the asset and coin exchange

The upcoming stable release includes multiple improvements in the Ardor lightweight smart contracts framework. Jelurida has been running a trading bot contract for several coin pairs on the Ardor decentralized coin exchange for a few months already. After extensive testing, the contract code is now ready to be included in the stable release package, as an example for contract developers and a starting point for anyone interested in running a trading bot. And it can now trade assets too!

The QualiSig project featured at TheCryptoSight

QualiSig - the Austrian government funded project built with the help of our blockchain technology, was mentioned again last week - this time in TheCryptoSight. We remind our readers that the project, which consists of three prototypes, was extensively covered lately by blockchain and conventional media, and aims to fight Covid-19 by utilizing the various capabilities of the Ignis child chain on the Ardor platform to secure storing of sensitive data, to prevent fake news and to verify testing agents' identity.

June newsletter was delivered with tech news, use cases and more!

Our regular monthly newsletter was delivered with exciting tech news about the new Ardor version and the progress by the some of most interesting projects building on Ardor - such as Triffic, the newly announced GiveSafely, Max Crowdfund and many others. Check out the June highlights if you missed them, and subscribe to our newsletter to receive all important updates about Ardor, Ignis and Nxt directly in your mailbox.