Jelurida Weekly Wins

15 June 2020


Triffic app has launched: the sky is the limit!

After few months of extensive testing and constant improvement the Triffic app has launched! This was announced on their official twitter @trifficworld last Wednesday. The app is available for iOS and Android and you can download it on their renewed website where you can also find out everything about the gameplay basics, the different beacon types and of course how can you collect the reward GPS tokens.

Ardor new version coming soon!

The new experimental Ardor v2.3.0e will be released this Tuesday, June 16! This is an important release and a result us many months development work, testing and QA. It will introduce an integration with the Ledger hardware wallet, HD accounts, multiple performance and UI improvements, enhancements to the standby shuffler and more!

MPG releases Max Crowdfund apps for Android and iOS!

Great news last week was also announced by one of Ardor's child chain projects - Max Property Group. In a press release they shared the successful launch of version 2.0 of their real estate crowdfunding platform, Max Crowdfund alongside with the first version of the mobile applications for Android and iOS. The goal of the platform, which has been developed since 2017, is to allow for registered investors access high quality real estate projects in a matter of minutes with a combination of fully compliant procedures and blockchain technology.

Join core developer Sergi Baila for an Ardor Virtual Workshop organized by Caelum Labs

This Thursday, June 18, at 18:30 CEST you can join core developer Sergi Baila for an Ardor Virtual Workshop. This is a free online event which will introduce our Ardor blockchain platform and explain some of its most interesting features. Many thanks to Caelum Labs for organizing the event!

Our lightweight smart contracts featured by CryptoBriefing

Ardor and its stateless smart contracts were featured in an article by CryptoBriefing as one of the top 12 blockchain platforms for smart contract development. Alongside explaining what are the advantages of Ardor and its roots, the article also quotes core developer Lior Yaffe about how the contracts run and why are they more secure and flexible compared to the traditional Ethereum contracts. The article also mentions Ignis which is not only equipped with more than 15 features but is also the exclusive child chain for lightweight contracts development and deployment.

Chinese media coverage for Nxt, Ardor and Ignis increases

Lately our promotional efforts in China are getting stronger by the day! After regularly publishing the Weekly Wins in Chinese and managing an official Jelurida WeChat account, more efforts are made to reach out to relevant crypto and blockchain media outlets and key opinion leaders which only last week were able to reach to more than 160 000 people on 12 different synchronized platforms (Weibo, Bihu, etc.). Our Chinese community may be interested to find out more here.

Ardor explained by SwitchChain

Last week Ardor was explained in details in two separate blog posts by SwitchChain - an instant non custodial cryptocurrency exchange which aims to provide best trading rates. The articles provide information about the fundamental advantages of Ardor, it's history, child chains and most interesting use cases.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!