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Jelurida Weekly Wins

25 May 2020


Jelurida mentioned by the Austrian Institute of Technology

Last Wednesday the Austrian Institute of Technology - Austria's largest research and technology organization, issued a press release (in German) about the HotCity app recently winning the Austrian Blockchain Award. The press release explains the HotCity project and mentions that it is being developed in collaboration also with Picapipe GmbH, Digital Sunray and Graz Energie Agentur while the blockchain technology used is provided by Jelurida. In case you missed it, read the whole article about how HotCity uses gamification and our Ardor platform for energy-oriented neighborhood planning and identifying heat waste sources.

Triffic beacons on the Moon!

Triffic - the free augmented reality app which rewards users with GPS tokens for moving about, announced that after months of work and thorough testing, the official launch of the app is getting closer every day! In preparation for the launch over ten million Triffic augmented reality reward beacons are starting to appear across the world and some even on the Moon! And if you haven't done it already, you still can join the beta testers and begin collecting GPS tokens right away!

Gallery Defender: A serious game on Ardor's mainnet!

Lat week Alex Pfeiffer announced that Gallery Defender is already running on Ardor's mainnet after several months on testnet. Gallery Defender is the first serious game that stores learning results on the blockchain. The goal of the project is to explore the application of blockchain technology in a game-based learning tool. Find out everything about it and play the game here.

Jelurida WeChat account is live!

Recently we announced that the Weekly Wins video series are being translated to Chinese! This week we are also happy to share that Jelurida's WeChat account is live and will make available to the Chinese community all important news and announcement regarding Ardor, Ignis and Nxt! Our Chinese supporters can read more in the introductory article.

Six Ardor use cases at the Media Arts and Design Blockchain Conference - read the article

At the recent Blockchain Conference by Drexel University, focused on media, arts, design and gamification, six Ardor and Ignis based blockchain use cases were presented by their creators. We were excited to see these great projects made a reality with the help of our flexible and feature rich technology! Now, in our dedicated article, you can find out more about Triffic, HotCity, Cycle4Value, Gallery Defender, Tarasca and Ardor.Rocks and watch their video presentations in one place!

ICYMI: Video of Lior's webinar is now available!

If you missed the recent Ardor new release webinar with core developer Lior Yaffe, you can watch the whole video and see a preview of some of the most interesting improvements that will go live with the next Ardor version. Some of the features demoed during the webinar are: the redesigned wallet login page with hardware and HD wallet integration, the new configuration editor, the enhancements to the shuffling feature and more!

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!