Jelurida Weekly Wins

23 March 2020


Ardor HD Wallet Cryptography - new article by Lior Yaffe

What cryptography is used in Ardor software and what were the difficulties in implementing HD wallet for Ardor - find out in Lior's new Medium article. In the article you can also find out why Ardor's approach is different than the one used by Bitcoin or Ethereum and what are the advantages and disadvantages of Curve25519 key derivation used by Ardor and Nxt.

Translation of to Spanish is ongoing

Translation of our website to Spanish is ongoing and almost 100% complete. The Spanish version is expected to go live in the coming weeks.

BTC pegged asset thanks to Bitswift

Bitswift is one of the first projects to join the Ardor platform as a dedicated child chain. Recently they issued the BBTC asset (Asset ID: 13045451260956193623) which is pegged to Bitcoin. Thanks to the new asset, it is now possible for users to easily exchange all Ardor platform based tokens to BTC. This is achieved thanks to the asset exchange functionality supported by Ardor's child chains and the Bitswift.Cash platform. Read also the step by step guide by Alberto Fernandez and find out how to convert tokens to BTC using this new option.

Ardor bootcamp at Udemy - one of the best blockchain courses

A recent article in BlocksDecoded made an overview of the best blockchain and cryptocurrency courses found on Udemy. The Ardor Bootcamp created by Erik Funk is also featured in the article. The course, already completed by more than 2000 people, can make you an expert in Ardor blockchain technology and its various functionality in no time. And it is absolutely suitable for complete beginners. And if you are a developer, you can also try the Erik Funk's course about Smart Contracts with Ardor.

Nxt and Ardor peer explorers updated with geographical locations

We have recently launched official peer explorers for both Ardor and Nxt where you can find the number of online nodes, open and API nodes and version distribution. Now both explorers are updated also geographical location which shows the numbers of nodes by country.

ICYMI: Jelurida is SGE's member of the month for March

Being a Swiss company with international outreach, Jelurida is also a member of Switzerland Global Enterprise and in March we are featured as their member member of the month! Read the dedicated interview with Kristina Kalcheva about our experience on the path to internationalization and the specifics of the blockchain sector.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!

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