Jelurida Weekly Wins

02 March 2020


Ardor at Blockchain Spirit Barcelona

Veronica and Francisco attended the BlockchainSpirit Barcelona - a one-day event part of TechSpirit Barcelona and organized with the help of Barcelona Chamber of Commerce. Many notable attendees from the local blockchain community were present at the event where over 40 professionals gave 10-minute presentations showing very interesting blockchain projects under the tracks of use cases, crypto, DeFi, and tech. Veronica presented our Ardor platform under the title "The future of Blockchain: multi-chain architectures."

Nxt version 1.12.1 has been released!

After few months on testnet the new Nxt features are ready to be activated on mainnet too! This will happen at a planned hardfork scheduled for block 2870000 expected to occur around April 15, 2020, which makes the new 1.12.1 version a mandatory upgrade for all users and exchanges. The new features are: Asset Dividends payment by asset or currency, allowing paying asset dividends not only in NXT, but also in any asset or monetary system currency; Asset Properties - setting arbitrary name/value metadata on assets and Asset Increase transaction, allowing asset issuers to increase the total number of asset shares available.

How to choose a blockchain platform

If you are a blockchain developer or wish to develop your own crypto project, you have to choose carefully the platform you wish to build on. Recent articles in Hackernoon and TheMerkle outline some important things to consider such as the scalability and throughput of the platform, quality of the technical documentation, strength of the community and incentivization programs and the supporting developers tools. Ardor finds its rightful place among the preferred platforms to build upon, thanks to its technical maturity, 250+ API, Java programming language, easily configurable Lightweight smart contracts and detailed documentation.

New technical documentation website Nxtdocs is live

Head over to Nxtdocs - our new and improved Nxt technical documentation website where you can find everything about Nxt - getting started, downloads, detailed explanation and examples of the features, API index, basic and advanced guides and much more! Still have questions or need more help: join us on Slack or open a support ticket at our HelpDesk.

New feature of Sigbroapp released

For those not yet familiar with the Sigbro Wallet - the app allows you to store your Ardor passphrase (private key) encrypted on your phone and to authenticate, sign and execute transactions on the Ardor blockchain platform without the risk of typing anything and in a very user friendly way. With its new version released last week, the app was improved by adding a new feature - the ability to read encrypted messages from Ardor accounts!

ZyCrypto article talks about Ardor's consensus-as-a-service model

There are not many blockchain platforms which can offer technical excellence, variety of ready solutions and ease of implementation at the same time. Almost all players in the rapidly growing blockchain-as-a-service market rely on offering cloud based solution to its customers. Ardor is among the very few in that field allowing businesses and projects to build blockchain applications without sacrificing the real decentralization - a key point which distinguishes the blockchain technology than all other distributed databases. The advantages of our unique consensus-as-a-service model were recently covered by ZyCrypto.

Tweets @Jelurida

Tweets @Jelurida