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Jelurida Weekly Wins

17 February 2020


Ardor explained on Techworm

Last week Techworm published an article about the different types of blockchain platforms - public and private, permissionless and permissioned, and how to choose the right one for your business. Companies and projects wishing to utilize the blockchain technology are often faced with the dilemma - do they choose the more secure alternatives and go with any available public solutions or do they sacrifice it for speed or permissioning. The article then explains in detail about Ardor and how a business can benefit from its solutions, underlying that Ardor software is available for both public and private use and also the unique Ardor offering - permissioned child chains on the public network.

Francisco interviewed by CryptoBirds

Last November in Malaga, Spain, Jelurida was one of the exhibitors at Convergence 2019 - a conference hosted by the World Blockchain Congress. During the event Francisco was interviewed by CryptoBirds about Ardor, Ignis and Nxt - now our Spanish speaking community can watch the whole video at youtube.

New clone of Nxt announced

Nxt is undoubtedly one of the most copied platforms and preferred choice for cryptocurrency projects who wish to have their own blockchain. Latest example is nDEX network - formerly a project operating as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. In the announcement nDEX explains that they have chosen Nxt for its stability and massive opportunities and that they have allocated 10% of the newly created NDX coins to the existing NXT accounts.

Team meeting video powered by Mobs

Thanks to Mobs - a mobile app for co-creating of videos from events, we have one more video of our big team meeting in Lugano at the beginning of the month. Watch it now and learn more about Mobs at their website.

January newsletter was delivered

The January newsletter was delivered with the most interesting news from the last month, overview of the increased media coverage of our products in the last month, the recent achievements of Jelurida Korea and Jelurida Africa, tech news and much more. Don’t forget to subscribe for our monthly updates and receive directly in your mailbox all relevant news about technical updates and progress, upcoming events, airdrops and reward programs as well as all exciting developments about projects building on our technology!