Jelurida Weekly Wins

20 January 2020


Ardor as leading BaaS platform on Everest Group Report

Everest Group - a global IT research and consulting firm, has issued a report assessing different enterprise-grade blockchain-as-a-service platforms and Ardor finds its well deserved place among solutions developed by big names such as IBM, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Alibaba Cloud. Ardor's miltichain architecture, ease of adoption and customizability are important factors that open the door for a variety of enterprise use cases. Jelurida itself is mentioned in the "Visionaries" sections of the report and as a blockchain development company with many years of experience. The Everest Group report was well covered in cryptocurrency and blockchain related media.

Jelurida Korea with prestigious award

Less than a year since Jelurida Korea started operations in Seoul and it already gathers a lot of traction as an important member of the South Korean blockchain and cryptocurrency scene. The efforts and significant work of Jelurida Korea's director - Cheoleung Kim, towards mainstream blockchain adoption have not gone unnoticed and last week he was chosen as one of 30 Korean Blockchain Innovation Leaders for 2020! The prestigious award by Blockchain Times was presented in a special event at the Le Méridien Hotel, Seoul, on January 16. Among the other notable attendees were Professor Kim of Korea University - famous for his blockchain work, and Governor Won Hee-ryong of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Kwon Oh-hyun, Chairman and CEO of Samsung electronics who also received the award.

HD accounts are coming to Ardor and Nxt

Тhe latest development improvement is underway - our R&D team started implementing an HD wallet for Ardor. HD wallet enables quick and secure account creation using a single master passphrase for all user accounts instead of having to maintain a passphrase per account like we currently do.

Test of Tarasca's game on Tabletopia is open

Tarasca is a decentralized autonomous organization for creation of games and art services on the blockchain which uses the capabilities of the Ignis child chain for its operations. Tarasca recently announced that the testing of its new boardgame is open on Tabletopia. Test it now and visit @TarascaD on twitter for the rules of the game and latest news from the project.

Jelurida returns to ISDI for another blockchain masterclass

Veronica Torras and Alberto Fernandez returned to ISDI business school for another blockchain masterclass last week. After several sessions in the last months, the DMBA students of ISDI again had the opportunity to learn about the basics of distributed ledger technology and especially blockchain and to get a first hand experience with the capabilities and advantages of our Ardor platform.

Ardor - a promising cryptocurrency to invest in early 2020

The beginning of the year is always the time when a lot of predictions in the blockchain space are made which aim to help people navigate and choose between the thousands of cryptocurrencies available on the market. Ardor (ARDR) is frequently recognized as one of the most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in thanks to its technological maturity and business-ready features. Recently it was mentioned again by Coindoo as one of the top 10 coins to watch in 2020.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!

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