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Jelurida Weekly Wins

16 December 2019


Jelurida at Europe's FinTech Junction

Alberto, Veronica and Martin were on site at Europe's FinTech Junction in Berlin, Germany. Alberto was also invited to participate as a speaker on a panel exploring the state of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Storing certificates on the blockchain

Counterfeit university and professional certificates cost the global economy billions annually and this problem is particularly present across portions of Africa. Jelurida Africa decided to write up an article exploring the potential of utilizing Ardor platform's Ignis child chain to mitigate this issue - and they aren't the first to explore this idea. ISDI in Spain has been exploring solutions for e-diplomas involving Ardor since earlier this year.

ARDR to BTC thanks to Bitswift

Entering and exiting the Ardor platform is one of the core barriers to mainstream adoption - and it just got easier. The team at Bitswift, one of the original 3 child chains of the Ardor platform, announced the launch of a new asset allowing users to move their Bitcoin (BTC) straight to the Ardor ecosystem through the BITS child chain.

Triffic beta testing is now open!

New Triffic website is dedicated to the upcoming Triffic app - free augmented reality app that rewards you with cryptocurrency called GPS tokens. You can even earn GPS tokens as a beta tester of the app!

Nigerian medical association attends Jelurida Africa's Blockchain in Healthcare event

Public-private partnerships are the key to accelerating the adoption of emerging technologies. That's why Jelurida Africa hosted a conference on blockchain's impacts on healthcare. Many noteworthy guests were in attendance including the chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association.

Coalculus snapshot completed

The snapshot of Ignis account balances was completed on Monday, December 9th at block 1,035,000. The COAL tokens will be distributed to the users in the genesis block of Coalculus when it launches on Jan 2, 2020. To the surprise of many platform users, several exchanges including Hanbitco and Indodax decided to support the airdrop at the last minute.

Ardor Lite Wallet featured in TheCurrencyAnalytics

Community projects and contributions are a critical aspect of advancing Jelurida's technologies. TheCurrencyAnalytics decided to do a full piece describing the Ardor platform's advanced offerings and the easy-to-use Ardor Lite wallet app from community member Mrv777. Read the review today!