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Jelurida Weekly Wins

09 December 2019

Lior offers new lightweight contract demo at IDC Herzliya

Universities around the globe are eager to expose their students to top quality blockchain innovators. IDC Herzliya, Israel's first private university, is no exception. On December 3rd, Lior was invited to deliver a half day lecture on distributed ledgers and the potential for automation using lightweight smart contracts coded in Java. Ever wonder what these lightweight contract in Java look like in motion? Check out Lior's latest video demonstration providing a detailed walk through of how to develop, debug, and deploy these next generation smart contracts on the Ardor platform's Ignis child chain. Watch it now!

Nxt full nodes on Android undergo internal testing

Just a month after releasing full Ardor nodes on Android devices, the team has made massive strides porting those capabilities to the Nxt platform. Internal testing has just begun - but expect updates to come quickly!

10 million Triffic beacons spread around the globe

Coinerz Group is preparing for a public display of Triffic, an app that gamifies how you earn loyalty points and incentivizes users to explore new local businesses. Learn more about the 10 million Triffic beacons that are about to be deployed around the globe by watching this teaser video and reading about the application on

MPG releasing its first share certificates

Max Property Group announced that from December 2nd through 20th, registered buyers can begin purchasing direct shares in their European real estate company. Our friends at Nxter have the full announcement.

Alberto to speak at FinTech Junction Europe

Berlin is playing host to the Fintech Junction Europe on December 11th and 12th - and Alberto has been invited for a speaking slot. Register today with a special discount code and check back next week to learn more about this exciting event.

Jelurida Africa hosted Blockchain in Health seminar in Lagos

Counterfeit medications are rampant in many developing countries, including Nigeria. This week, Jelurida Africa hosted a blockchain in health seminar exploring use cases around the world like Afghanistan's Ministry of Health project piloting how to protect consumers by tracking pharmaceutical supply chains on the blockchain.

StealthEx lists ARDR, IGNIS, annd NXT tokens

Ardor, Ignis and Nxt have now joined more than 200 other cryptocurrencies on the privacy centric instant-exchange, StealthEx.

The weekly wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!