Jelurida Weekly Wins

17 November 2019


Ardor Block 1,000,000

November 15th marked the 1 millionth block on the Ardor mainnet. Since its launch in January 2018, Ardor has been running seamlessly. Furthermore, the network has managed to add cutting-edge features including transaction vouchers, lightweight smart contracts in Java, and full Ardor nodes on Android devices - with more coming.

COAL airdrop to IGNIS holders has been announced

Coalculus - a Blockchain Financial Services platform built with Ardor technology, announced its mainnet launch date and an airdrop of 1B COAL tokens to IGNIS holders! The snapshot will be on December 9, the exact block height to be announced one week in advance. Follow @coalculus and @IGNISguide on Twitter for regular updates!

Jelurida's massive Singapore Fintech Week

It was an action-packed week in Singapore as Anna, Lior, Petko and Veronica descended on the country's Fintech and Blockchain Week. It began with the Singapore Fintech Fest, where Jelurida hosted an area within the Swiss Global Enterprise's booth - leading to opportunities to present the Ardor software directly to diplomats. The next day, as the core team continued to man the booth, Anna split off to attend the CoinMarketCap Global Conference, where she had a chance to connect with major exchange owners and potential business partners. Veronica was then invited to attend a workshop at the INSEAD Business School on the topic of stablecoins. Blockshow Asia kicked into gear in the middle of the week for Lior, Petko, and Anna to give more demos at the company booth. Meanwhile, Veronica was invited for a tour of the Agency for Science, Technology & Research (A*STAR) and the Mastercard offices.

The team members shared their experience and co-created a collaborative video thanks to Mobs Video!

Convergence 2019 World Blockchain Congress

Malaga, Spain played host to the Convergence 2019 conference hosted by the World Blockchain Congress. Alberto, Sergi, and Francisco held down the fort at the Jelurida booth and provided live demos of the Ardor software and the new Android nodes.

MITA Malta gets a taste of GalleryDefender Ignis Gaming Concept

Alex Pfeiffer was back in Malta this week and had the opportunity to present his GalleryDefenders gaming concept built on Ignis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA). Learn more about the educational gaming idea and follow Alex's research on his academic website.

Unconference event at CryptoPlaza

The Unconference event in Madrid was held on November 14th and had a focus on blockchain scalability and alternative assets. Alberto was invited to present Ardor's approach to these issues, which led to an intriguing discussion with the CryptoPlaza attendees.

Blockchain Innovation and Investments Meetup in Lagos

Etienne Okeke of Jelurida Africa spoke at a meetup in Lagos hosted by Chatex on the topic of Blockchain Innovation and Investments on Saturday, November 16th. The event continued the team's record of providing free and open educational opportunities to build the capacity of Nigeria's technology sector.