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Jelurida Weekly Wins

30 September 2019


“Top 5 Most Innovative Blockchain Technologies” awarded to Jelurida at the World Blockchain Awards 2019 in NYC

The World Blockchain Forum held their annual World Blockchain Awards gala in New York City this year on September 27th. Lior graciously accepted an award recognizing Jelurida's Ardor platform as one of the "Top 5 Most Innovative Blockchain Technologies." In sharp contrast to many paid awards in the space, Jelurida was selected based on a meritocratic review by a 3rd party committee. Additionally, Lior and Skylar attended a pre-conference VIP networking event on September 26th where they made valuable connections with exchange operators and other leaders in the space.

5 universities joined forces in Abuja making Nigeria’s largest blockchain hackathon a success

Representatives of NITDA, the Nigerian ministry responsible for Information Technology in the country, were on-site to kick-off the 2-day National Campus Hackathon event sponsored by Jelurida Africa at Nile University this week. Adedayo gave a keynote speech to participants from 5 different universities on the importance of exploring distributed ledger technology and making knowledge-sharing around this topic more accessible. Additionally, Jelurida Africa is starting an incentive-driven initiative to encourage blockchain enthusiasts to learn about Ardor and share what they have learnt.

Jelurida and IBM sponsored the Blockchain in Energy Forum 2019

After this week's Blockchain in Energy Forum, one thing is clear: companies from all across the energy spectrum are experimenting with how this technology can provide new incentive mechanisms and increase transparency as business processes become increasingly digitalized. Jelurida sponsored the event along with IBM and Skylar participated on a panel discussing increased transparency in renewable energy credit markets. It was a substantive debate on the varying degrees of transparency offered by fully permissioned systems where data validation is controlled only by consortiums of major corporations, and hybrid permissioned/permissionless blockchain solutions like Ardor where an additional check on the power of these entities is provided.

Real use cases received major attention during Jelurida’s Wall Street meetup

Skylar and Lior teamed up with community member Patoshi of Xcubicle for an evening meetup on Wall Street on September 25th. The event kicked off with an introduction to energy efficiency in blockchain technology and progressed into a live demonstration of a weather predictions market proof of concept. Additionally, two different energy efficient Ardor full forging nodes were on display: a solar powered raspberry pi and an Android tablet.

Triffic releases new walkthrough of their gamification app

Coinerz Group continues to blaze ahead with development of the Triffic augmented reality loyalty point application. Watch the new walkthrough of their revolutionary gamification tool built on the Ignis child chain of the Ardor platform. Excitement is mounting as the app's launch approaches in Q4 2019.

IoT in the spotlight in recent session with Zolertia

Veronica held a brainstorming workshop with Barcelona-based Zolertia, a firm focused on providing developer tool kits for specific industry verticals. As full Ardor forging nodes on Android get ready to make their debut, Jelurida is putting resources into identifying new use cases enabled by this revolutionary advancement. This meeting is the first of many planned for the coming months to engage developer communities. lists ARDR with BTC & ETH trading pairs

Dutch cryptocurrency exchange, which prides itself on being a secure exchange for alternative projects, announced support for ARDR/BTC and ARDR/ETH trading pairs this past week.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!