Jelurida Weekly Wins

23 September 2019

Ardor as the “wordpress” of blockchain technology

Businesses leverage the internet to add value to their services - the internet is not literally their business. Similarly, businesses should be able to get the benefits of blockchain without literally coding their own network from scratch. BlockCoinNews wrote up an excellent piece describing how Ardor handles transaction validation for an entire network of interoperable child chains, while providing all the advanced business transaction types necessary to mimic day-to-day operations - it's as simple as the click of a button. Read the full article.

Jelurida Africa prepares for Nigera's largest blockchain hackathon ever

Adedayo's team at Jelurida Africa have been hard at work planning and supporting Nigeria's National Blockchain Campus Hackathon on September 25-26th. Thanks to extensive outreach activities, five different universities will come together for Nigeria's largest 48-hour blockchain hackathon ever. The Ardor platform and Ignis child chain will be featured as prominent tools for building applications during the event.

Full node on Android OS enters final testing

Blockchain accessibility is about to take a massive leap forward. While Bitcoin has offered the ability to run a validating node on the Android operating system and devices, mining on those devices has been entirely impractical. Ardor is propelling blockchain to the next level of decentralization with the forthcoming release of full, forging nodes on Android OS devices. This means you will be able to forge your ARDR tokens directly from your mobile device - no raspberry pi rig needed. Check out the teaser photo posted this week as the team finishes internal testing before the public release.

Speaking slot confirmed for the Blockchain in Energy Forum 2019 in NYC on September 25th 

Energy efficiency was a founding principle of the Nxt blockchain in 2013 and remains at the core of Jelurida's ethos. Skylar Hurwitz will be speaking on a panel at the Blockchain in Energy Forum 2019 event hosted by Green Tech Media on Wednesday, September 25th in NYC to discuss how blockchain can impact renewable energy credits and green finance mechanisms. Jelurida is sponsoring the event alongside IBM. Consider registering for the conference or RSVP for Jelurida's free meetup that same evening on Wall Street shortly after the conference ends!

Jelurida to attend the World Blockchain Forum and Awards in NYC on September 27th

The World Blockchain Forum have invited Jelurida to attend the invite-only World Blockchain Awards on the evening of Friday, September 27th in New York City. Skylar and Lior, as well as Elizabeth Mong of Ardor Nxt Group, will attend a VIP cocktail hour, the 2-day WBF conference and the award ceremony.

Private links debut on the Smart Voting Bot

Smart Voting Bot is blazing ahead with development. A new test release this week addressed recent feedback around privacy. Now, voting links and account information are sent as direct messages on Twitter instead of as public replies. Give it a try and keep an eye on this exciting project as it continues to evolve!

Tweets @Jelurida

Tweets @Jelurida