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Jelurida's Weekly Wins

02 August 2019

weekly news 2019-08-02

Jelurida closes a successful week at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

It has been more than 7 months since Skylar first began contributing to the ITU's Focus Group on Distributed Ledger Technology and this week, the group's final meetings were held on the UN campuses in Geneva. A DLT Workshop on Scalability and Interoperability occurred at the close of the meetings. Right after the blockchain lead at Banco Santander and the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance discussed the lack of interoperability within and across blockchain protocols, Francisco showed attendees the live intra-operability of child chains and tokens launched within the Ardor platform. Alberto then provided an explanation of Ardor's inter-chain interoperability capabilities and demonstrated a test atomic swap with the Interledger Protocol (ILP) using the available portion of the Hyperledger Quilt stack. Video of the event was live streamed and will likely be made available in the coming weeks.

Ardor noted in new blockchain market report for the Insurance industry

Once again, Ardor was noted alongside IBM, Oracle, Swisscom, and others by market researchers in a recent report for executives and industry leaders in Insurance. The full report titled, "Blockchain in Insurance Market by Type, Stage, End-User" is available for purchase.

Team building event in Lugano this weekend

With the ITU events coming to an end, Jelurida is regrouping in Lugano over the coming days for team building and strategic discussions.

Ledger integration for Ardor, Nxt, and Ignis expected in Q4 2019

There have been many teasers of the forthcoming Ardor, Nxt, and Ignis integration with Ledger hardware wallets - now, a release date is expected in Q4 2019. Only a few minor steps remain before existing Ledger users have access to Jelurida's suite of products on their devices.

July newsletter was delivered with exciting news including a call for Ardor and Nxt gaming papers, listing for ARDR, and more

Jelurida's newsletters have been going out regularly the past few months. If you missed the July newsletter, you can read it online and subscribe to receive future news directly in your email inbox.