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Jelurida's Weekly Wins

26 July 2019

weekly news 2019-07-26

Child chain control documentation officially makes Ardor an interoperable, hybrid permissioned-permissionless multi-chain network

Companies and developers have been on the lookout for hybrid blockchain solutions offering permissioned blockchains and applications secured by a public, permissionless consensus mechanism. Ardor has a solution - child chain control. Read more on the Ardor Learning Hub about how to enable and disable permissions on child chains that receive their security from the Ardor parent chain's permissionless and energy-efficient proof of stake consensus. now supports Ardor (ARDR) on its exchange, payment applications, and credit cards

Ardor was added to's suite of applications and services and Jelurida Co-Founder and Legal Expert, Kristina Kalcheva, summarized the development well in the official announcement:

"Jelurida's focus has always been on providing the most scalable and versatile blockchain infrastructure on the market while organizations like keep their finger on the pulse of users' needs. With Ardor (ARDR) now supported by's suite of products, yet another important milestone has been laid on the pathway toward mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies."

Download the user-friendly app and bring new real-world utility to your ARDR tokens today.

Lior Yaffe presents Ardor to 200+ attendees at Blockchain101 event at Google Campus Tel Aviv

Lior Yaffe gave the 200+ attendees at Blockchain 101's Google Campus event an inside look at how the Ardor platform can add a new level of efficiency and data integrity to existing processes using the platform's built-in features. Additional contacts continue to be made in Tel Aviv as Lior ramps up his efforts to expand Jelurida's network across Israel.

Nxter begins test group for SIGBRO, a user-friendly key management and authentication solution for developers building apps on Ardor

How many times do you sign into websites and mobile apps each day by directly submitting your passphrase to various servers? With the increased security risks around sharing private keys on the blockchain, Nxter is blazing the trail towards a solution for new developers on the Ardor platform with the recently announced public testing of the SIGBRO authenticator. The simple app allows anyone to verify their Ardor account and receive a token to use for signing in to apps and websites. For those familiar with typical 2-Factor Authentication, think of it like completing step 1 only once locally on your device, and then always skipping to step 2 when dealing with third party service providers. It's a powerful new tool that, once finalized, will benefit anyone who wants to create user-friendly apps on the Ardor platform.