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Jelurida’s Weekly Wins

19 April 2019

weekly news 2019-04-19

Market making solution launches for IGNIS trading pairs on the Ardor Decentralized Coin Exchange

Jelurida partnered with Efficient Frontiers to bring liquidity to IGNIS trading pairs on the Ardor decentralized coin exchange. The market making solution went live on Monday, 15 April with the aim of the “chicken and egg” problem of trading liquidity on decentralized exchanges. Read the full announcement now.

Ardor load tests show network stability with throughput reaching 160 TPS

The developers at Jelurida continue to push the limits of what a pubic blockchain can do. While many platforms promise unnecessary and unattainable transaction speeds, new load tests show the Ardor platform can easily reach 160 transactions per second, and sustainably handles 130+ TPS for over 24 h, without the need for major optimizations. More details on these tests will be made available soon.

Jelurida attends Synchronize 2019 and sponsors NYC blockchain meetup

Amidst continued regulatory uncertainty, financial institutions met at the Conrad New York for the Synchronize 2019 DLT for Financial Institutions conference. Skylar was on site posing questions to panelists, live tweeting the event, and introducing attendees to the concepts of cloud and full blockchain as a service. Shortly after the conference, blockchain enthusiasts met at The Brooklyneer for an introduction to Ardor's unique solution in the context of private and public networks and use cases.

Watch video of Lior Yaffe's keynote on Java smart contracts from the recent Madrid seminar

You don't need Solidity to write smart contracts on the blockchain. Take the enterprise route and start learning about stateless Java lightweight contracts on the Ardor platform in this video with the latest workshop from Jelurida's co-founder and core-developer, Lior Yaffe. The event was structured so even if you have never heard of the blockchain, you can follow the discussion and follow live code examples. Further details on this smart contract framework can be found on Lior's blog and on the Ardor Learning Hub.