Sigwo Technologies: Blockchain as Service Platform

15 March 2017

Virginia, March 15th, 2017 – Sigwo Technologies LLC.

Sigwo Technologies is announcing the Jupiter eSyslog platform as a boundless way to ensure server logs are securely stored in recoverable, encrypted, and immutable databases. With eSyslog, insider attacks are easily detected as the logs are always available, even after a catastrophic disaster or system’s administrator error. Insider attacks are often conducted by disgruntled employees or contractors with elevated privileges.

During an attack, the perpetrator will aim to destroy evidence of their attack from the server logs and other logging systems to obfuscate their malicious activity. With eSyslog implemented, even if all the server logs are destroyed, corrupted, or otherwise rendered unusable, log data will still be preserved across all the connected nodes.

All data stored on the eSyslog platform is massively replicated across dozens of VPS nodes, in addition Sigwo Technologies maintains archiving nodes deployed in different cloud-based data centers on different continents for increased availability and retention.

From legal perspective, the data digital signature, time-stamping, encryption and storage mechanisms for information stored on the eSyslog platform, provides evidence sufficient for a court of law for prosecuting any attacker.

An example of how Jupiter would have helped in a real-life scenario; In a recent conversation with a security company’s President, he had wished this system was available 8 months ago to save his company's customer PCI compliance log data. In an unfortunate event, following a data center VM host server reboot, the server admin had forgotten to restart the centralized Syslog collector which was essential for PCI data collection. This resulted in 8 months of lost customer PCI compliance data collection when the server admin deleted the VM. This is a paramount use case of Jupiter’s eSyslog and is in testing stages of implementation to protect their syslog data and compliance rating from another disaster.

The Jupiter eSyslog platform is based on the NXT world leading blockchain technology developed by Jelurida B.V. the company behind the NXT and Ardor blockchain technology.

Steven Grove founder of Sigwo Technologies LLC:
Sigwo Technologies will eliminate the need for system administrators to have previous knowledge or expertise in blockchain technology. This will be achieved by providing consultancy services to fully integrate Jupiters's eSyslog as a viable and enduring security solution.

Lior Yaffe NXT core developer and co-founder of Jelurida B.V.:
The un-matched reliability, security and scalability provided by the NXT blockchain provides the Jupiter eSyslog platform the necessary tools to provide a world leading blockchain as service platform. We are delighted to work together with Sigwo Technologies to make eSyslog a de-facto standard in storage and maintenance of system log information. More information about the NXT private blockchain solutions is available at

About Sigwo Technologies:

Sigwo Technologies builds customized and resilient data storage, encryption, and provenance applications for today’s businesses in efforts to increase data protection, data restoration, builds customized private decentralized replication nodes, and provides subscription based blockchain as a service support.

Steven Grove
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