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Jelurida and Efficient Frontier Bring Liquidity to IGNIS Trading Pairs on Ardor Platform’s Decentralized Coin Exchange

15 April 2019

Jelurida ( and Efficient Frontier (, a trusted provider of liquidity and digital asset trading solutions, have developed a market making solution for IGNIS trading pairs on the Ardor decentralized coin exchange. The new market making solution represents a substantial step toward resolving the “chicken and egg” problem slowing the adoption of decentralized exchanges: lack of trading liquidity.

The Ardor Decentralized Coin Exchange

The Ardor blockchain as a service platform has featured a fully functional decentralized coin exchange since its launch in January 2018. Exchange request transactions are stored on the blockchain and trades are settled on each block – a completely automated process performed without any central management. The exchange supports trading between the ARDR parent token and any child chain token (currently IGNIS, AEUR, BITS, MPG), as well as trades directly between any pair of child chain tokens.

The Ignis Child Chain

Ignis provides the full permissionless public blockchain functionality for the Ardor Platform. It supports all available transaction types and serves as the platform for both asset issuance and Java-based Lightweight Smart Contracts.

Liquidity: Key to Adoption

Using Efficient Frontier’s time-tested market making technology as a basis, the joint research team of Jelurida and Efficient Frontier successfully developed a solution to provide liquidity for selected trading pairs involving the IGNIS token on the Ardor platform’s coin exchange.

"Many large exchanges have been getting extensive coverage of their efforts to launch decentralized exchanges that simply function as an exchange. On the Ardor platform, you can do so much more." said Lior Yaffe, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Jelurida. "With the deployment of this market making solution, developers and businesses can leverage the business-ready features of the Ardor platform with full confidence that their end-users will have a seamless experience entering and transacting within the ecosystem."

"We are proud to be partnering with the talented team at Jelurida who have proven their ability to build disruptive technologies and execute a visionary roadmap. We are impressed by their achievements and humbled to be supporting their growth and expansion." said Roei Levav, Co-Founder and CEO of Efficient Frontier. "Providing trusted financial solutions to the best projects in our industry and inspiring fair trade continues to be our top priority."