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IGNIS Token Sale Bounty Program

05 August 2017

The deadline for claiming the bounty was Dec 24th. Those who contacted us will have their claim processed before the snapshot. The list of bounty recipients has now been removed to protect their privacy.

During its 4 years of existence the Nxt platform has been supported constantly by many dedicated people from its community. They have always been there to answer questions, promote the technology and help new users as well as develop and run various supporting tools and sites.

Therefore, we wish to thank each of the most active Nxters by awarding them 25 000 JLRDA now, and 50 000 JLRDA more if we can collect 10 M Euros or more.

The JLRDA tokens for the bounty program will be allocated from the 20 M we have reserved for marketing and organizational expenses.

In the list below we included people who have contributed significantly to Nxt during the years by being active in social media, making donations, or being involved with development of Nxt related projects and establishing Jelurida as a company, and users who are active supporters. We want to work together with you to achieve our goals and share the success.

We reserve the right to make changes to this list if we unintentionally have forgotten to add somebody for which we apologize in advance.

With our marketing efforts growing bigger every day, a lot of new people have become excited about Nxt and Ardor and have offered to assist us with promoting the platforms.

Those of you who wish to help during the next two months of the IGNIS ICO by creating awareness, writing articles and answering questions about Nxt, Ardor and Ignis, ICO process and snapshot on various social media, please contact, stating the area/social media where you wish to help and your name or username you intend to use.

The only condition will be not to stray from the official information published on our website

After our token sale is over and if we have collected at least 10 M Euros, we will be awarding up to 20 of our most active new contributors with 50 000 JLRDA too. We will be relying on your feedback when making our final assessment.