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The Best of 2020

03 January 2021


  • Technology
    • Permissioned child chain supported by permissionless platform
    • Fully integrated HD wallet and Ledger integration
    • Blockchain full node on your phone
    • Microsoft Azure Ardor app is published
    • Continued support for Nxt
    • The new Ardor 3.0.0e testnet is now available
  • Projects on Ardor
    • Triffic GPS child chain
    • MPG received permission from Dutch regulator
    • Austrian government sponsored projects
    • Give Safely donation platform
    • Tree Coin sustainable agriculture
    • Bitswift based BTC and ETH pegged assets
    • Bridge Champ - our own entry to casual gaming world
    • Smart Voting
  • Independent Sources
    • Jelurida included in the Everest Group report for blockchain visionaries
    • Swiss Global Enterprise member of the month