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Ardor v2.2.6 is now available

05 November 2019

Ardor 2.2.6


We are excited to announce that a new Ardor version is now available! Ardor 2.2.6 is a stable release, introducing a lot of enhancements, multiple UI improvements and bugfixes. It is a recommended upgrade for production use. On testnet, upgrade before block 3250000 (expected Nov 7, 2019) is mandatory. Some of the most important changes in this version:

New feature (testnet-only for now): Allow setting up account control with zero max fees. This completely removes the risk that an attacker who obtains the passphrase of an account placed under account control may slowly waste its funds on fees.

Process management add-ons refactoring and improvements. Now process management add-ons are fully supported in the UI!

Improve user experience when switching between chains to access a feature on another chain.

Funding monitors UI now also supports assets and currencies. Securing public nodes with https has been made much simpler, detailed tutorial at ardordocs.

Desktop wallet now supports contacts export and import fully compatible with browser wallet.

Lightweight Contract Runner can be configured from the Processes UI page, safely saving its configuration in encrypted file.

Flexible auto fee calculation for light contracts is now possible.

ChangeHero exchange added as an integrated exchange.

Android Full Node package updated to include latest 2.2.6 changes.

Updated H2 and Jetty libraries with latest bugfixes and improvements. 

Download the new version from the Ardor Downloads page.