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Jelurida Announces Winning Ignis Lightweight Contracts from the 2018 Ardor Online Hackathon

01 February 2019

Jelurida is proud to announce the 2018 Ardor Online Hackathon winners. From October 22, 2018 through January 10, 2019, developers were asked to create their own lightweight smart contracts in Java to address three different real world challenges on the Ardor platform: BTC-Ignis currency exchanges, identity verification, and cloud storage. Throughout the competition, Jelurida supported participants by releasing new learning resources like the Ardor Learning Hub and by holding a live AMA session featuring the core developers. The initial intention was to award three prizes per challenge; however, after careful review of the total qualified submissions, the judges decided to award prizes as follows:

Challenge Place Prize Developer Solution
Identity Verification 1 $4000 Atzen
  2 $2000 Aajaji
  3 $1000 Nikolai
Cloud Storage 1   N/A  
  2 $2000 Vlad
  3 $1000 Maxim
BTC Exchange 1   N/A  
  2 $2000 Maxim
  3 $1000 Vlad

Please note that while the judges were impressed with the effort put forward, it was decided that neither of the submissions for the Cloud Storage and BTC Exchange challenges met the necessary coding standards to justify a first place prize. The remaining balance of $8000 in prize money will be re-allocated to a future online hackathon.

Jelurida would like to sincerely thank all participants for being early adopters and putting forth decisive efforts to be the first developers in history to write custom lightweight contracts on the Ardor platform. All participants are encouraged to stay engaged and to continue exploring the possibilities of lightweight contracts as optimizations are rolled out in future software releases.