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Ardor - for your project

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Ardor is written in Java - the leading programming language for financial and trading applications. Companies, organizations and blockchain projects can build on the permissionless Ignis child chain or have their own child chain added to the Ardor ecosystem. This means that you can seamlessly deploy dApps or launch a custom blockchain while never worrying about network security or how to maintain a whole platform because this task is already ensured by the parent Ardor chain.

Each child chain has its own native token and features optimized for its use case. Since Ardor’s child chains are interoperable, each new chain becomes part of the diverse Ardor ecosystem - where different projects can connect and add their products' value to those of the existing child chains and dApps.


Although the Ardor platform is a public blockchain, an individual child chain could be made permissioned, i.e. put under child chain control with only authorized accounts allowed to conduct transactions on it. This hybrid solution provides enormous flexibility and it's suitable for a variety of use cases where public transparency and auditability must be combined with KYC, account verification or similar requirements.

Ardor's intrinsic functionality is present on the child chains and covers the most common use cases out of the box through the various built-in features - assets, messages, data cloud, marketplace, voting, currencies, etc. For unlimited customizability, interfacing with off-chain systems and dApp creation we offer our innovative Turing complete Lightweight Smart Contracts. These contracts are “stateless” and executed by a subset of nodes which makes them scalable and secure.

Ardor For Your Project

Last but not least, the Ardor software is available for commercial and academic licensing for private blockchains. Contact us at to find out more or to create a child chain.