Marketing Accomplishments: Q1 2018
During Q1/2018 the Jelurida Marketing approach has made a gradual transition from the ICO with many heroic efforts led by developers to an organization with a professional marketing plan.
webmaster Thu, 2018-04-05 - 23:16
4YFN Awards / MWC 2018: Jelurida and Ardor on a Mission in Barcelona: How was it
The 4YFN Awards is the startup competition at the 4YFN conference, that takes place during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Jelurida was selected as a finalist out of 300 startups to apply and pitched four times in front a massive tech audience.
webmaster Sat, 2018-03-24 - 11:09
Jelurida has been selected as one of the ten finalists at the 4YFN Awards
Jelurida, among ten finalist startups, has been selected to pitch on the main stage, meet up with investors, and exhibit within the innovation market at 4YFN Barcelona and in Mobile World Congress.
webmaster Mon, 2018-02-05 - 21:54
Introducing a gate between the EURO and the Ardor ecosystem
Jelurida has partnered with Ardorgate to deliver an Ardor based Euro pegged child chain token named AEUR.
webmaster Tue, 2017-12-26 - 15:32