Jelurida Weekly Wins

06 July 2020


Nxt's pioneering place in the history of Proof-of-Stake on Crypto News Flash

In the last couple of months our developers, the whole Nxt community and even notable crypto influencers have been raising the alarm about the Algorand's false claims to be the first pure proof-of-stake blockchain. Now the issue was also covered by an article in Crypto News Flash exploring the origins of proof-of-stake. The write-up is thorough and objective and gives credits to the pioneers in the field, i.e. Peercoin - which first proposed proof-of-stake but combined with proof-of-work, and of course Nxt which, as we all know, was the first to implement an entirely (pure) proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. The fact that Algorand is trying to come up with a new definition of "pure proof-of-stake" only to fit their purpose and justify their claims, didn't come unnoticed on reddit too and gave food for thought and discussions about this issue. And while some claimed that it doesn't matter who is first to what, we believe that preserving historical facts and remembering the pioneering moments of this revolutionary technology will go a long way to assert the credibility of the crypto space and to help new users navigate in this vibrant field.

GiveSafely. io is live! New donation platform built on Ardor!

On July 4th a new use case was announced, which is going to use our Ardor platform. Result of months of work and research, the project went live as an innovative donation platform for leading charities to incentivize and interact with new donors. The platform includes only accredited by the BBB Wise Giving Alliance charities (such as Save the Children, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Wild Animal Sanctuary, Cure Alzheimer's Fund to name a few) and aims to provide a secure way for the donors to send donations to charities (including in cryptocurrency) while remaining in control of their data and receiving rewards in the form of redeemable TrustTokens.

The new BETH - an ETH-pegged asset Bitswift child chain

A few months ago, the Bitswift team enriched the Ardor ecosystem by providing all its users with the opportunity to trade a BTC-pegged asset. Now they are offering also an ETH peg through the BETH asset on the Bitswift child chain and the crypto gateway platform. For everyone who wants to try this new option, the asset ID of BETH is 12672395106465140536 and you can find a detailed step-by-step guide how to use it on our website.

CryptoPlaza DAO presents Ardor - a webinar with Alberto this Wednesday

After deploying their own official Ardor and Nxt nodes, Crypto Plaza - the Madrid based crypto and blockchain hub and co-working space, is organizing a webinar in Spanish this coming Wednesday, where Alberto will present Ardor and how you can build a DAO with it only using the built-in features and not having to write a single line of code. Attendees can also join through meetup.

July 9: save the date for Ignis use cases and Lior's panel at Mobility Talks

As we reported in the previous weeks, July 9 is the date of Mobility Talks where several startups using blockchain in the context of mobility will showcase their projects including ones that are building on Ardor using the Ignis child chain features. The event will conclude with a panel discussion with Lior's participation so don't miss it as there is still time to register for free.

ICYMI: Ardor Community Hackathon has started!

A great summer event to boost the spirits and grow the engagement of the developers community - this is the Ardor community hackathon! Starting July 1 and running until August 15, developers and designers can present their ideas and compete for awesome rewards! All info is here and for any questions, please join the developers channel on the community slack.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!