Jelurida Weekly Wins

07 十月 2019


Jelurida and Ardor blockchain recognized for contributions to blockchain standards at the ITU

Outlets from Yahoo Finance in the US to Naver in Korea, La Vanguardia in Spain to LeLezard in France and APA OTS in Germany, were quick to share Jelurida's most recent announcement on contributions to international blockchain standards. The International Telecommunication Union's official media wing, ITU News, put out a statement quoting Jelurida's Skylar Hurwitz on the importance of providing a toolkit for blockchain standardization. These developments come just days after the Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group (TSAG) officially approved the DLT Focus Group's deliverables to move on to specialized Study Groups to become official standard recommendations.

Alberto and Veronica's busy week at South Summit

Alberto and Veronica returned to South Summit for the second year in a row to share Ardor's progress and develop new business clients. The team ran in to several familiar faces and had the opportunity to give early demos of the Blockchain Anywhere project that is soon to go live on the Ardor platform.

Maritime conference welcomes Francisco for a speech on relevant use cases built on Ignis

Francisco was on site to present applications of blockchain in the maritime and ports sectors at the National Congress of Young Engineers in Menorca. He provided an overview of the problems blockchain can solve, including how to mitigate fraud in public tenders, as well as a basic run through of how a blockchain based application would work for this type of use case. All of this and more is already possible using the tools that are readily available on the Ignis child chain of the Ardor platform.

MPG begins phase 2 of their project - tokenizing shares of their company on the public Ignis blockchain

Netherlands-based real estate project, MPG, announced this week after a meeting with Lior Yaffe that they had successfully tokenized a portion of the company's ownership as an asset on the Ignis child chain. These MPGS tokens will have the same rights to profit and company ownership but will not have direct voting rights. Read more in their official announcement!

Game-based education and assessments built on Ardor and Ignis at UC Irvine's Connected Learning Summit

Alex Pfeiffer was invited to present his game-based education and assessment research at UC Irvine's Connected Learning Summit 2019. During the week, he demonstrated various proofs of concept for how blockchain can provide a trustworthy record of performance based on learning assessments that rely entirely, or partially, on gamified environments.

Adedayo speaks at the Abuja Blockchain and Digital Assets Conference

After a busy week facilitating the largest blockchain hackathon in Nigeria to date, Adedayo Adebayo shifted his focus to the Abuja Blockchain and Digital Assets Conference. Jelurida Africa sponsored the event and Adedayo provided a speech and participated on a panel on the importance of blockchain for the sustainable development of Nigeria's economy.

Jelurida Korea gives interviews to two major blockchain bloggers

Cheoleung Kim was featured on two major Korean blockchain youtube channels this week. His first interview quickly hit 7000 views and a follow up session with Digital Chosen's TV allowed him to provide additional details on the technology and use cases of Ardor and Ignis.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you  thanks to community member Madfox!