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Jelurida Weekly Wins

05 July 2021


New IGNIS/USDT trading pair on Bitrue exchange

We are happy to announce that a new market pair IGNIS/USDT is now available for trading on Bitrue exchange, to expand users’ market opportunities.

July 1 - NFTMagic Alpha Release Launch

NFTMagic, the project dedicated on NFT-art piece storage on the Ardor platform, just launched the Alpha Release! It brings clean, affordable, and convenient blockchain magic in form of green NFTs, with added functionalities and transactions security provided by SIGBRO. Download the app and start collecting awesome NFTs!

Join the Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt Reviews Competition

What do you think about Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt blockchain projects? Share your ideas and/or your experience, and get the chance to be rewarded. Besides, we have a special surprise for you! Please remember that your contribution can help to support both the project and the community growth. The review competitions, in collaboration with Revain, run until July 7th, 2021. Read the rules and join the competition now!

Jelurida - the Blockchain Company to Spark Mainstream Conversation

While the Bitcoin debate continues, there are impressive blockchain companies that are building disruptive projects to solve real-world problems, and one of them is Jelurida, as mentioned in these NewsBTC and Bitcoin Insider articles. Jelurida is the company that founded Nxt – the first pure PoS blockchain platform. Then, in 2018, Ardor has been launched with a unique multi-chain architecture to provide scalability, interoperability, and efficiency, connected to Ignis – Ardor’s main child chain. Ignis is fully featured, permissionless and hosts out-of-the box built-in features, and supports advanced privacy mechanisms. Ardor is a great platform for green and sustainable projects, as HotCity, Cycle4Value, and TreeCycle, also covered in this Chinese article. TreeCycle is a Swiss-based global project seeking to implement sustainable and profitable reforestation in Paraguay, with a dual-token mechanism relying on Ardor blockchain technology.

Ardor Network Gains Traction in Real-World Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain technology, beyond the financial market, is gradually changing many industries, such as healthcare and enterprise solutions, thus creating valuable decentralized ecosystems. Ardor has been covered in these Bitcoinist and Daily Coin articles, to be an enterprise-friendly platform that supports businesses to deploy licensed enterprise blockchain solutions. One of the promising innovations in the Ardor ecosystem is Triffic, the augmented reality app with built-in geolocation services that rewards users with cryptocurrency for traveling about, treasure hunting, and supporting local businesses. Triffic seeks to bridge the gap between stores and clients while setting the pace for enterprise blockchain solutions in the marketing niche of loyalty rewards.

Francisco & Alberto at MWC Barcelona 2021

Francisco Sarrias and Alberto Fernandez joined the MWC Barcelona 2021 representing Jelurida at the three-day industry-leading event, to explore innovation technology and discuss new business opportunities. The themes of the conference focused on Connectivity, Connected Industry, AI, Startup Innovation, Future Society, Creative Technology, and Customer Experience. If you would like to catch up, the MWC conference highlights are available here.

Mythical Beings first exclusive Airdrop

The wait is over for all the Mythical Beings enthusiasts! The first exclusive card collection Airdrop has started, but only for 100 winners. To participate, read the rules and fill in the registration form!

NXTER web wallet updated

Many projects are continuously evolving over time in Ardor ecosystem as, for example, the NXTER web wallet, which has been recently updated. Log in with SIGBRO app or Ignis alias, and discover all updated functionalities on profile, operations, alerts and offline account transactions.