Jelurida Weekly Wins

21 June 2021


Ardor & Ignis blockchain technology applied in two research studies

Ardor Proof-of-stake blockchain technology and its child-chain Ignis have been applied in two research studies conducted by Alexander Pfeiffer and Thomas Wernbacher, Senior Researchers at Donau-Univeristät Krems, and Stephen Bezzina, Researcher at European Commission – Malta Unit. Within the creative industry, the first research aims to combat fraud in the production and (re) sale of collectibles. The second one has the objective to discuss the adoption of blockchain technology and digital identity to safeguard and verify the integrity of source material, used in a forgery-proof way.

Mythical Beings - latest wallet improvement

Mythical Beings, the NFT trading card game by Tarasca DAO on Ardor platform, has recently released the latest wallet improvements to support its community and enthusiastic players. The integrated Discord widget allows to chat and trade cards with other players within the wallet. Discover legendary creatures all over the world and collect them all! Join Mythical Beings discord channel to get your invite and start your collection now!

How Ardor blockchain technology can help for democratic elections

In Nigeria, elections have always been characterized by violence, conflicts, hundreds of irregularities, and the absence of transparency, thus undermining the democracy of the country. In this Techpoint Africa article, Adedayo Adebajo, Managing Director of Jelurida Africa, explains how Ardor blockchain works and why its immutable distributed ledger technology is considered an optimal solution to ensure free and fair elections. Despite the accessibility and ease of using blockchain technology, its mainstream adoption for elections is still very far from political reasons. Nevertheless, he suggests to start adopting a blockchain-based voting system from associations to local government before getting to the national level.

June 23 & 24 - Adedayo speaker at Digital Africa Conference & Technovate 2021

We are glad to announce the participation of Adedayo at the Digital Africa Conference, as panelist on the theme “Blockchain to the rescue”, June 23rd at 10:50 am WAT/UTC+1. The following day, June 24th at 9 am WAT/UTC+1, Adedayo will take part to the FITC Technovate Conference, speaking on Blockchain FinTech Applications.

New Sigbro version is live

Sigbro, the app to ease Ardor blockchain tools for its community, has recently released a new version. You can now upload IPFS NFTs to the Ardor blockchain, and start trying it on Sigbro testnet via NFTMagic. Learn more on!

3 Minutes to know Triffic 2.0: a Blockchain AR game

Triffic App, the Ardor blockchain-based AR game, and its new 2.0 version have been eye-catching since its launch, and now covered in this Orange Finance media article. By exploring or exercising in the local area, players can catch many types of different treasure beacons such as Maddy, accumulate Triffic miles, and get GPS token as rewards while supporting local businesses. In 2022 Q1, the virtual land NFT trading market will be launched with NFT ownership contracts and revenue-stream generation for players. Thanks to its unique architecture and zero-fee child-chain transactions, which are useful for GPS distribution, Ardor is becoming the most favored public blockchain for application deployment.