Jelurida Weekly Wins

10 May 2021


Ardor surpassed 3000 Online Nodes!

We are happy to announce that Ardor blockchain just surpassed 3000 online nodes, and Nxt online nodes are currently more than 2800. Thanks to the extension of our successful Node Reward Program, Ardor and Nxt users are incentivized to boost the decentralization of the network by setting up more online nodes while getting the chance to be rewarded with a total of 6000 IGNIS distributed daily. The program continues until June 30th, 2021. Join now!

May 20 - "How to get started with Ardor" Live Event

Are you a Java developer, a crypto enthusiast, or an IT manager that would like to introduce blockchain technology into your business operations? Join us at the event “Everything you need to know to get started with Ardor”. Alberto Fernandez will present the Ardor blockchain, and why Ardor is the perfect tool for connecting traditional applications to crypto or developing powerful dApps. The event will take place on Thursday, May 20th, 2021 from 7 pm to 8 pm CET. It will be on Crypto Plaza Spain YouTube and Twitter live-streaming, in Spanish with simultaneous translation in English. If you have specific questions, please share them with us and we’ll be happy to present the answers during the event!

Mythical Beings First Auction for NFTs Collection

Tarasca DAO made the first auction for the Dudugera, Ana Santiso’s original watercolor painting for the Mythical Beings NFT collection on Ardor blockchain platform. Find out more on Mythical Beings!

Join the GPS Pay Beta Testing

Following the launch of the GPS Pay Beta Payments App, GPS Pay now started the beta testing. If you would like to participate and receive 100 testnet GPS, Ardor and Ignis tokens, sign up for the beta and become a tester of the simplest and most intuitive blockchain wallet available for GPS token, Ardor and Ignis.

Read Lior's article "Smart Contracts Systematic Risks"

In his latest article, Lior shares one peculiar event he experienced in 2015. A hacker tried to exploit a bug in the Nxt code to steal fund, that was promptly fixed. The interesting part is that the unsafe code was deployed to production 10 months earlier and, despite innumerable code reviews, the bug was not spotted until the event occurred. Nowadays, the decentralized exchanges and financial services called “DeFi” develop patchy code hastily written to beat the competition, and their codebase can be considered the weakest link. Therefore, would you still consider your investments in DeFi safe? Most probably, if hacked, they won’t have the capital to compensate their users.

Jelurida included in Blockchain Ecosystem of Catalonia

Jelurida has been recently listed in the “Blockchain ecosystem of Catalonia”. The map aims to identify companies and entities operating in the blockchain and DLT technologies sector in Catalonia, thus promoting the adoption of digital assets and DLTs among individual, collective, private or institutional actors. The initiative is made in collaboration between the Blockchain Center of Catalonia, the i2CAT Foundation, and the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration on the Generality of Catalonia.

Ardor Use Cases in Alberto's article by IEB

The article “Bitcoin and the challenge of central banks: bubble, science or fiction?” written by Alberto Fernandez, got published lately by IEB Spain. Alberto analyzes the disruptive innovation in financial systems, the change in the monetary paradigm, the challenges of the Central Bank Digital Currencies, and the simultaneous exponential growth of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He also outlines how Ardor blockchain has been able to exploit many real-world problem-solving use cases. To cite a few, Max Property Group, Triffic and GPS Pay, Bridge Champ, Coalculus, Bitswift, enterprise supply chains, Tarasca, NFTMagic, HotCity, and TreeCoin.

BogoShipo - the New NFT Blockchain Game on Ardor

Recent news about the launch of new NFT platforms in the crypto world pushed forward once again the NFT market and the value of its unique digital projects, which can be images, art, music or certificates, registered as tokens in the blockchain. The investments for the NFT gaming sector are also booming and BogoShipo, the Ardor’s NFT pet game, is a great example covered by the Chinese media Insight Finance. BogoShipo runs completely on Ardor blockchain and it features many unique gameplay options. For example, the BOGO token allows users to trade their pets and create income, or dead pets can be converted to NFT as unique assets and traded on multiple NFT platforms. Moreover, the players' interaction and game animation are stunning, which is possible to apply to all game app scenarios.