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Jelurida Weekly Wins

25 January 2021


DeFiMAGIC Demonstrates NFT Use Case on Ardor

The rising attention on Non-Fungible Token (NFT) inspired some Ardor community members to develop DeFiMAGIC on the Ardor blockchain, to prove its DeFi and NFT potential, as well as the ease of operating smart contracts and features.
As explained in this Zycrypto article, Ardor is ideal for NFT use cases thanks to its unique parent-child chain architecture, fully-featured and functionality-rich platform, which offers the right flexibility to issue unique and unalterable NTFs. The combination of the Singleton Asset feature, the Decentralized Exchange and the Data Cloud provided the solution for NFT creation on the Ardor blockchain, at minimal transaction fees. Moreover, DeFiMAGIC is a great example of improved user experience and simplified processes, as a key to mass adoption.

Triffic new UI coming soon

Triffic, the Ardor blockchain-based AR game app, announced that the new Triffic App will offer a new user interface and additional functionality, based on community feedback. The release is going to be launched at the end of March. Stay tuned!

Ardor Twitter Bot suggests the Future of NFTs

DeFiMAGIC, the recent NTF use case built in the Ardor ecosystem, has been covered in this Coincodex article. DeFiMAGIC is a Twitter bot that brings NFTs capabilities to the popular social media channel, and offers users the possibility to exchange value or perform actions with instructions from Ardor's child chain Ignis and the bot as middle player. With the fast-growing market for real-world NFT applications and the Twitter bot, DeFiMAGIC is unlocking plenty of possibilities for new emerging use cases on Ardor blockchain.

Ardor Bundlers & sponsored transactions – Episode 2

The second episode of our educational series "Ardor – 10 things you need to know" focuses on Ardor's Bundling system and the possibility for companies to set sponsored transactions for their child-chain users to enjoy fee-less transactions. The bundling process is used to group child chain transactions from a child chain into a transaction on the Ardor parent chain. Bundlers accept child chain tokens for the child chain transaction fees and then they pay fees in ARDR to the parent chain forgers. You can learn more about the Bundling feature on the Ardordocs dedicated page.

Coalculus Flash Staking Program available now

Coalculus is a permissioned blockchain solution based on Ardor technology, launched by a Singaporean Fintech company. On the occasion of Coalculus first anniversary, the company announced the go-live of the Flash Staking Program. COAL holders can now stake their tokens and start earning 24% on their crypto assets. Further program instructions can be found on Coalculus Flash Staking Guide 2021.

Tarasca new platform improvements coming soon

Tarasca is the Ardor blockchain-based application to collect, earn and exchange art and games. They shared with the community a preview of the upcoming new gameplay feature and design improvements on Mythical Beings.

Ardor & Nxt Node Reward Program in Chinese media

The successful Ardor and Nxt Reward Program has been covered in Chinese media. The Program will continue until the end of March 2021 in order to improve the network decentralization on the public blockchains and the overall user experience, thus to boost the total number of permanent and stable online nodes. Take part in the Node Reward Program and get a chance to win 7500 IGNIS token distributed daily.