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Jelurida Weekly Wins

30 November 2020


Bridge Champ – the new Ardor project in the casual gaming market

We are glad to announce the new Ardor and Ignis project - Bridge Champ, the first blockchain version of the strategy card game Bridge.
The gaming industry is booming and the lack of white-label solutions for online bridge opens a unique opportunity for Jelurida's Bridge Champ as a groundbreaking play engine to be offered to millions of players worldwide. Bridge Champ provides a purpose-built and customizable environment, and combines a state-of-the-art gaming engine with open APIs for competition organization and implementation. Its user interface will include social elements such as video and audio sharing, gamification, and tokenization. The benefits of the on-chain version are new competition features, tamper-proof achievements registration, proven randomization, and cheat prevention. The plan is to develop an ecosystem around game tokens, which will be available for use in other casual gaming platforms too.
The announcement has been covered by many crypto news as Yahoo Finance, Bitcoinist, Coinspeaker, and UToday.

Lior's interview for Crypto Coin Show with Ashton Addison

In this interview for Crypto Coin Show, Lior presents how Ardor's unique parent-child chain architecture solves the existing blockchain industry problems. It provides scalability, the possibility for organizations to sponsor users' transaction fees, decentralization without compromising security, a public blockchain with optional privacy functions, and the Ignis lightweight contracts - safer and faster compared to the Ethereum smart contracts. Above everything, Ardor blockchain technology can be adopted as the solution to real world problems, enabling two parties that don't trust each other to collaborate. Watch the recorded interview here.

New Ardor release coming soon

Several months have passed since the last Ardor release, which enabled the GPS child chain and activated new functionality in a planned mainnet update on Sept 22. A new stable version is to be released soon, with multiple improvements and feature enhancements accumulated since this last update. While upgrading is optional, everyone is encouraged to always run the latest stable version, which will also include important bugfixes.

Ardor & Nxt covered in Japanese media CoinPost

Nxt, the first pure proof-of-stake blockchain, was launched on Nov 24, 2013. CoinPost, the Japanese crypto and blockchain media, has posted an article on the occasion of its 7th anniversary. Nxt has been used as crowdfunding platform by several cryptocurrencies, some of which are very popular in Japan, such as NEM and Siacoin. Later, Nxt technology has been integrated into Ardor, which launched in January 2018 as a blockchain with a unique parent-child chain architecture and many distinctive functionalities.

ABDC series - Pitch Day & closing event

Last weekend, the "Pitch Day" signed the conclusion of the Africa Blockchain Developers' Call Series and the beginning of a new journey. Bootcamp trainees had the opportunity to pitch their three greatest projects for real life blockchain solutions in different economic sectors, and win a €1000 prize for the best solution deployed on Ardor platform.

AMA's recap with Francisco & Crypto Galaxy

Francisco Sarrias was guest speaker on November 24 in AMA event hosted by Crypto Galaxy community. He described the Ardor blockchain and its competitive advantages, the major milestones that Ardor achieved so far, and its future pipeline. During the live session, he answered many interesting questions about smart transactions, coin shuffling, platform security, the benefits Ardor brings to the crypto industry, token price, and marketing strategy to attract non-crypto investors and users. He also explained how Ardor solves the scaling and property safety problems, its regulatory compliance and investors' trust in our professional and experienced team.

QualiSig covered by Chinese media

QualiSig, the project which emerged to fight the pandemic, is covered by Chinese media. With the Austrian government's collaboration and support, the QualiSig project helps the Austrian citizens solve the digital identity system problems about fraud, false news and health data protection, thanks to the project deployment on Ardor blockchain.