Jelurida Weekly Wins

16 November 2020


HotCity project field test has started

HotCity, the smart city application based on Ardor blockchain technology, uses gamification to identify potential waste heat sources and generate data for efficient and renewable energy, necessary to develop plus-energy quarters.
The field testing and data collection have started last week in Vienna and Graz, to determine whether the current data set can be collected cost-effectively, quickly and reliably through gamification. This innovative bottom-up approach is more precise than usual top-down methods and contributes to raising awareness among the population about energy use, waste heat potential and renewable energy sources.
The adoption of blockchain technology guarantees data to be securely stored, anonymized and encrypted, while citizens' contributions can be rewarded. The HotCity project gained international interest and it has been mentioned in Chinese media.

SmartVoting's first poll on Ardor Mainnet

The first SmartVoting poll on Ardor Mainnet has been launched. The voting for the new Slack Ardor community logo showcases a new solution for crypto community governance and encourages the Ardor blockchain experience. SmartVoting relies on many key features of Ardor public blockchain such as Smart Transactions, End User's Transaction Fee Sponsoring, and Ardor HD wallet. The prototype model allows everyone with a Twitter account to have a blockchain-based voting experience, without direct use of private key or tokens to be required.
How to vote? Follow three simple steps and take part in the Ardor blockchain experience now!

Blockchain solutions to address challenges in Africa

Blockchain technology solutions could address many of the challenges that African countries are facing, as described by a CoinGape article. Jelurida Africa, one of Jelurida's affiliates, has identified many blockchain-based solutions that could significantly improve the lives of African people regarding, for example, low-cost abroad payments ( and sustainable energy sources (HotCity).
Jelurida Africa is focused on blockchain education and innovation, collaborating with local enterprises and supporting innovations with the Africa Blockchain Institute. Several Ardor-based applications such as SmartVoting and GiveSafely were showcased during the Africa Blockchain Developers Call series.

Congratulations to ChangeNow quiz winners

We are glad to announce the 10 winners of the ChangeNOW quiz, a competition to test the knowledge of crypto community about Ardor and Jelurida after the AMA event with Francisco Sarrias and ChangeNOW.

Ardor & Ignis – the most advanced public blockchain yet

Many blockchain platforms claim the achievement of high-profile launches, but this NewsBTC article reveals a different reality. Ardor blockchain has fulfilled its roadmap, delivered what was promised, and kept on attracting enterprise projects on its multifunctional platform, such as Cycle4Value, Gallery Defender or Ardor Rocks, to name a few.
Sharding and parallel processing were first implemented on Ardor in 2018, as multi-chain architecture with Ignis, Ardor's first and main child chain. The Ardor parent chain serves to secure the transactions of the network and ensures high throughput, while Ignis allows out-of-the-box functionalities, and even more complex applications are possible with a new customized child chain. Ardor and Ignis have proven their great value in many use cases and yet more to come, thanks to Jelurida, the experienced Ardor blockchain development company.

Tarasca DAO presented at ABDC series

Tarasca DAO, the Decentralized and Autonomous Organization for games and art services built on Ardor blockchain, has been presented by Palheiro, Tarasca DAO CEO, during the weekend event of ABDC series on November 14th. The session focused on blockchain in media and art, where panelists and speakers discussed the future of the music industry on the path of blockchain adoption, and whether multiple or few blockchain platforms are needed in the music industry.