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Jelurida Weekly Wins

10 August 2020


Ardor 2.3.2 to be released on August 11

The Jelurida R&D team is working hard to release Ardor 2.3.2 by Tuesday, August 11, 2020. The mainnet update has many exciting new features on top of everything already released in previous 2.3 releases. This includes faster and more reliable light client, simplified setup of SSL connection to the Ardor node, a "Next Block Countdown" widget on the wallet sidebar displaying the countdown to the next block creation based on the generators list, and more.

The Ardor 2.3.2 release will be a mandatory update for all mainnet nodes. The upgrade must be completed before the blockchain planned hardfork block scheduled for September 22, 2020.

New Ardor Hackathon project – ArdorPi

The new Ardor Hackathon project – ArdorPi, has been launched by Ardor community member MrV_777. Download, flash to SD card and start your raspberrypi for your own personal Ardor Node with automatic updates.

Ardor as one of top 5 coins to watch in August

Ardor has been mentioned by Coincodex as one of the top 5 cryptocurrency projects to pay attention to during the second half of the year. With constant development, major updates and announcements, Ardor is advancing, thus contributing to make its market position stronger and benefit its community.

Jelurida attended the DeFi conference and the Fintech Junction Virtual Event

Jelurida attended the DeFi conference 2020 and the FinTech Junction Virtual Event. The team had many opportunities to explain how Ardor can be part of the decentralized finance innovators, that can transform the global financial system and help to create a more transparent future of finance.

Lior Yaffe to be a speaker at D'va News - AMA session, on August 17, 13:00 UTC

On August 17, 13:00 UTC, Lior Yaffe, Jelurida Co-Founder and Blockchain Developer, will take the stage of D'va News, a crypto and blockchain news company, for a "AMA-Ask Me Anything" session about Ardor and Ignis. It will be a great chance to discover more about the Jelurida projects and the business opportunities offered by the Jelurida decentralized blockchain ecosystem in different industries. Questions will be collected from D'va News Twitter and Telegram accounts, and the best 10 questions will be rewarded.

Nxt featured in a dedicated SimpleSwap article

SimpleSwap now features a detailed description of Nxt, the first pure proof-of-stake, open source blockchain, launched in November 2013 and developed by Jelurida. The article presents a brief history of Nxt, mentioning its flexible architecture, modular built-in features, and stable track record of running for more than 6 years in production. SimpleSwap provides an easy way for anyone to buy Nxt using BTC or many other cryptocurrencies, without limits and without requiring registration.