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Jelurida Weekly Wins

27 Noviembre 2023



Nxt's 10th Anniversary - A decade of proven Stability!

This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Nxt, a pioneering cryptocurrency that still demonstrates that a blockchain platform can do a lot more than just providing a token of value. Launched on November 24, 2013, Nxt broke away from Bitcoin’s model, written from scratch in Java and based on a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, offering an innovative approach to block generation without energy-intensive mining. It introduced features such as the alias system, followed by the asset exchange, a decentralized marketplace, the monetary system, a data cloud, and the voting system. Then, in January 2018, the Nxt developers launched Ardor, an Nxt 2.0 multichain platform with a unique parent-child chain architecture. As it celebrates a decade, Nxt stands as a stable and mature platform, with no successful security attacks since its launch. With a network of several hundred nodes maintained by the Jelurida team, Nxt serves as an example and inspiration for new blockchain projects.

Meet the Bridge Champ team in Atlanta at the 2023 Fall NABC

Pioneering a new era in the world of Bridge, the Bridge Champ team has set foot in Atlanta for the 2023 Fall North American Bridge Championships, ready to unveil their innovative platform. With a mission to redefine the essence of playing Bridge, they invite all enthusiasts and players alike to join them at their booth for an exclusive first-hand experience to explore the cutting-edge features and functionalities of Bridge Champ. Embrace the evolution of Bridge, see you at the Bridge Champ booth!

Mythical Beings - a new adventure is on the horizon

The adventure is about to begin. Season 6 is just around the corner. Get ready for an unforgettable journey between campfires on the road, where ancient secrets and nomadic cultures intertwine in a magical dance. On December 11, 2023, the Mythical Beings team will unveil a unique treasure, bringing new updates and new gamification dynamics. Discover the magic of Mythical Beings, the NFT blockchain game with a unique artistic level and narrative power, as covered in this Spanish article by Territorio Bitcoin.

Ardor Beginners Series - Swap $ARDR for $IGNIS on Ardor DEX

Welcome back to another exciting episode of the Ardor Beginners Series! In this latest video, you can explore how to seamlessly swap your Ardor tokens for Ignis tokens using our decentralized Coin Exchange. The beauty lies in its decentralized nature, ensuring security, transparency, and autonomy in your trading endeavors. Let’s get started: Access the coin exchange, select the token, place your order, confirm the swap and that’s it! Once completed, you’ll find your Ignis tokens in your wallet. Feel free to explore further and experiment with other features offered within the Ardor ecosystem.

Congrats to the winners of the last BC Challenge

Give it up for “Fante.di.spade” and “Pernille.B”! In the last Madala Challenge, participants had 12 boards from past world championship events selected by the Bridge Champ ambassador, Agustin Madala. Watch his board analysis in these dedicated videos.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!