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Jelurida Weekly Wins

23 Octubre 2023



VesselChain's Standout Performance at B-Blue's Demo Day

VesselChain made a significant impact at Barcelona Activa's Demo Day, impressing the audience with their innovative maritime project on the Ignis Blockchain. Their journey through the startup incubator has substantially contributed to the development of their project. With their dedication to leveraging blockchain technology, they captured the attention of investors and industry experts present at the event, demonstrating a promising future in an industry ripe for transformation. VesselChain's success at Demo Day is a testament to their commitment to innovation and their potential to bring about positive change in the maritime sector.

Jelurida at the European Blockchain Convention

Get ready for an exciting week as Jelurida gears up to attend the European Blockchain Convention on October 25-26. This event stands as a pivotal reference point in the European blockchain community, and Jelurida's attendance underscores their commitment to staying in the forefront of industry developments. As a go-to event for blockchain enthusiasts, the European Blockchain Convention promises unmatched networking opportunities, valuable insights, and vibrant discussions.

Jelurida's Co-Founder Lior Yaffe at Lugano's Plan B Event

Jelurida's Co-Founder, Lior Yaffe, attended in Lugano's Plan B event. This event seeks to leverage Bitcoin technology for a profound transformation of the city's financial infrastructure, all from the heart of Lugano, where Jelurida's headquarters are located. The primary goal is to facilitate the widespread adoption of blockchain and Bitcoin technologies, with a vision to positively impact the daily lives of Lugano's residents. From everyday transactions with local businesses to more substantial activities like annual tax payments, blockchain technology will serve as the backbone for the city's financial transactions. Lior Yaffe's involvement underscores Jelurida's dedication to driving blockchain innovation and adoption in practical, real-world scenarios. Lugano's Plan B heralds an exciting future where blockchain takes center stage in urban financial evolution.

Chinese Media Spotlights Bridge Champ's Role in Transforming Traditional Sports

Bridge Champ, the innovative Web3 game, has been at the forefront of transforming traditional sports, gaining the spotlight in Chinese media. The Hangzhou Asian Games showcased the exceptional performance of the Chinese bridge team, securing a gold, silver, and bronze medal, emphasizing bridge's significance in the Asian Games. Simultaneously, Bridge Champ introduces an inventive approach to bridge, injecting fresh vitality into this classic game on the global stage. The game's fusion of Web3 technology with traditional sports, offering human-computer gaming capabilities and digital commemorative NFTs, has garnered widespread attention, promising a revitalized future for bridge sports and providing inspiration for the integration of Web3 games into the realm of traditional sports.

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