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Jelurida Weekly Wins

01 Mayo 2023


What makes Bridge Champ unique?

Bridge Champ is a blockchain-based online platform for bridge lovers, taking the game to the next level. But what makes it unique in the Bridge world? A modern user interface, making it simple and intuitive to play with. It offers seamless video and audio integration, allowing players to communicate and play without hitches. Besides, the “Play & Earn” model is a great incentive for players interested in earning while playing. Moreover, the casual play mode with bots, for skills improvement, the hand editor, for players to practice and analyse different hands and improve the overall game. The result analysis table allows players to get insights into their gameplay. The bot bid explanation is designed to help players better understand the bidding strategy. Last but not least, Bridge Champ is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, making it easier for players to access the game on the go. Join the next-generation bridge game and play now!

Francisco represented Jelurida at Industry 4.0 Congress in Barcelona

On April 18, Francisco joined the Industry 4.0 Congress in Barcelona, to explore future business opportunities for Ardor and Ignis blockchain platforms in one of the most important tradeshows about digital factories, automation, AI, VR, and AR.

How the game analysis feature is working on Bridge Champ!

One of the latest features available on Bridge Champ is the game analysis feature. In this example, the team aims to demonstrate a board recently played at the European Bridge League Winter Games 2023 in France by top bridge players. The article published on Bridge Winners outlines how the analysis table on Bridge Champ provides a quick overview of the game's progress and clearly highlights the mistake on trick 7. Find out more!

Mythical Beings Season 06 will take the game to the next level!

Code tasks take time and the Mythical Beings team is currently working on implementing many improvements suggested by the community of testers. Therefore, the new Season 06 will probably take more time to be launched, but it will be worth the wait! Stay tuned!

Start the Engine - Find out the latest NXTER online game experiment!

The NXTER team has recently started to develop a new online game, as an experiment. It’s a text-based, multi-player, new game engine that can be played directly in Discord, and it will use Ardor accounts for players’ ID, the SIGBRO app, and reflects several Ardor features. To know more about the game as a fun creative tool coming soon, read the blog article and more to follow on

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!