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Jelurida Weekly Wins

24 Octubre 2022


Mythical Beings & Simplex - new partnership to buy $IGNIS directly!

Excellent news in the Ardor-Ignis ecosystem! Mythical Beings has just announced its strategic partnership with Simplex, the leading crypto/fiat infrastructure. The Mythical Beings community can now benefit from the Simplex platform integration to buy $IGNIS directly and fund users’ accounts within their wallets. This will also help new players get on board and for mainstream adoption of the NFT card collection game. Congrats to the Mythical Beings team!

Oct 27-29 - Jelurida Korea will take part in the BWB 2022

This week Cheoleung Kim, Head of Jelurida Korea, will participate in the BWB 2022, the blockchain week conference in Busan City, Korea. From October, 27 to October, 29, he will showcase several Ardor projects, such as Senator, Bridge Champ, and Mythical Beings. Jelurida’s booth location is C07, come and meet us there!

Nov 8 - Jelurida will join the Business Fair for Tech & Gamification

Jelurida has been selected to take part in the Business Fair for immersive technology and gamification, on November 8, 2022, in Madrid. The exposition is a dedicated space for B2B and B2C organizations to present their innovative solutions, network, and promote digital transformation in SMEs.

Nov 10 - Francisco will be a panel speaker at D4A Conference

We are happy to announce that Francisco Sarrias will be a panel speaker at the D4A 2022, the Democracy4all international conference. On November 10, 2022, at 12:20 pm Francisco will join the main stage to discuss how blockchain can enhance efficiency and reduce costs for organizations and governments. Besides, experts and policymakers will have the opportunity to share and examine the latest advances in technology and regulation, as instruments of democratic improvement.

Mythical Beings Season 5 - New cards to earn Ignis rewards!

The Mythical Beings Season 05 has just started, and the great adventure begins. The Technology Tree Hole Chinese media covers in this article the outstanding P2E and NFT card collection game on the Ardor blockchain platform. As new mythological creatures are added, such as Maruxaina from Galicia, each season enhances the cultural and educational value of the game. Besides, the online shop now offers any sort of items for Mythical Beings fans and enthusiasts!

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!