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Jelurida Weekly Wins

21 Marzo 2022


The new Ardor version 2.4.0e is now available!

We are happy to announce that the new Ardor v.2.4.0e is now available! This experimental release is a mandatory upgrade for the Ardor 2.0 testnet version. You can download it here. A testnet hardfork has been scheduled for block 9800000, expected on March 20, 2022. Ardor v.2.4.0e includes two major enhancements for the decentralized Asset Exchange. First, Flexible Asset Control – the ability to control who can transact with the asset on the transaction type level, i.e. trade, transfer, pay divided. Previously, any control was for all asset transaction types which had limited flexibility. Second, Asset Trade Royalties – the asset issuer can now receive royalties calculated as a fixed percentage from each trade of the asset. The Royalties is subtracted from the amount (in child chain coins) that the asset seller receives, and it gets added automatically to the asset issuer account. The combination of such new features aims to make the Ardor and Ignis blockchain platforms more appealing than ever to NFT issuers.

Jelurida is now official partner of the Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association!

We are glad to share a second big announcement with our community. Jelurida is now an official partner of the TBTA – Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association. The association acts as an aggregator of several blockchain and crypto companies based in Lugano, universities, research institutes and the public sector, represented by the City of Lugano. This ecosystem aims to promote and support education, awareness and innovation through private and public projects based on DLT. This represents a great opportunity for Jelurida to make progress in the crypto-oriented network of Lugano. Stay tuned!

Bridge Champ Unveils 2022 Roadmap Featuring Online Tournaments And NFT Registration

Many exciting new developments are on the agenda of Bridge Champ, the first on-chain gaming platform for the strategy card game Bridge developed by Jelurida on Ardor-Ignis blockchain. These articles by Crypto News and U.Today media cover the Bridge Champ 2022 Roadmap, which includes engaging social features, mobile app release, tournaments, NFT registration for achievements, token payments, rewards, and much more.

The Jelurida team joined the WOW Summit & Crypto Expo in Dubai

Last week the Jelurida team represented by Lior Yaffe, Alberto Fernandez and Anna Rosebrook joined the blockchain and crypto events in Dubai, such as the WOW Summit and the Crypto Expo. They had the chance to connect and network with crypto investors, industry leaders, and traders looking for new business opportunities.

Ardor  - one of the 6 Promising Play-To-Earn Platforms

This Bitcoinist article mentions Ardor as one of the six promising P2E platforms in the crypto gaming space, with much potential granted by its unique infrastructure as a blockchain-as-a-service platform. Ardor provides security, decentralization, and customizable child-chains with ready-to-use built-in features for game developers. One of the P2E games built on Ardor is Mythical Beings, the NFT card collection game.

Lior’s comments about OpenSea phishing scandal in Chinese media

The recent OpenSea phishing scandal and its security breach raised several criticisms from industry experts. This Chinese media article covers Lior Yaffe’s comments, pointing out that the episode was a direct result of OpenSea’s poorly planned smart contract upgrade and the platform transaction approval architecture, as a common problem of most NFT marketplaces. Users should be careful with contract approvals, always keep track of the approved contracts, revoke unsafe or unnecessary ones, and preferably specify a reasonable spending limit of every contract approval.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!