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Jelurida Weekly Wins

09 Agosto 2021


Lior's opinion about the Challenges of Dealing With Crypto in Israel

In Israel, the high-tech industry is booming and many blockchain-related startups offer their products and services internationally, but doing business locally with cryptocurrencies carries some difficulties. This Coindesk article covers Lior’s thoughts and clearly explains why starting a crypto business in Israel is unfeasible: a mix of high taxes, burdensome regulations, and antagonistic banking sector, and very little security and support from law enforcement entities for crypto holders. Thus, missing the huge potential of blockchain technology and decentralization in a country where democracy and civil rights are constantly on the spot.

Triffic - One of Ardor's projects bridging crypto to the real world

Despite blockchain technology takes time to gain adoption, this CryptoCompare article mentions Triffic as one of the four noteworthy projects filling the gap between digital assets and the real world. Triffic is a hyper-targeted advertising and loyalty-based platform that uses geolocation services combined with gamification. Built on Ardor blockchain technology, Triffic differs from other industry-transforming solutions and promotes real-world connections between local businesses and users.

Alberto opinion leader mentioned in Spanish media

This Finanzas article outlines the upcoming implementation of the European Digital Currency from 2026 and its impact on traditional financial businesses. The role of banks towards the digital euro could be controversial, and Alberto agrees that banks should transform their business model by offering new services for digital assets. The digital euro aims to be a secure and reliable means of payment, to reduce transaction costs and promote investments, but it will only succeed if it will add value to all stakeholders: citizens, businesses, and financial intermediaries.

Freebird: v2.2.1 is released with new features

FreeBird, the decentralized microblog system on Ardor blockchain, has recently launched the latest version 2.2.1, which brings many new features and the free publish function.

Tarasca & NFTs - The New Game-Changing Trends

NFTs are the new game-changing trend since any tangible asset can be tokenized with great benefits from security, automatic authentication, to verification of ownership. This NewsBTC article highlights some important themes of NFTs and Mythical Beings, created by Tarasca DAO on the Ardor blockchain, which has been mentioned as the trading card collection game that offers new possibilities to the B2B market.

Nxt metrics on Coin Social Story

Looking for Nxt metrics and infographics? Discover more on Coin Social Story, the crypto market live data monitor for professional traders, media outlets, and crypto curious.

BridgeChamp Updated Roadmap covered in Chinese media

Jelurida is making great progress in the blockchain gaming field and, Bridge Champ public beta version is coming soon, as published in its latest updated roadmap. Blockchain Deep Core, the Chinese media, covers in this article the Bridge Champ platform's new developments and why it will undoubtedly become the focus of the blockchain gaming market.