Jelurida Weekly Wins

19 Julio 2021


Jelurida’s Sustainable & Energy-Efficient Ecosystem Is Evolving The Blockchain Universe

The crypto industry’s expanding carbon footprint has gained far more global attention than the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. Hence, crypto organizations are pushing to make the industry more sustainable and to reduce the environmental impact to the lowest possible. In these BTC Manager, NewsBTC, and UToday articles, Jelurida has been covered as a great sign for the blockchain universe. Jelurida-managed blockchain networks of Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt rely on a 100% Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, which leads to minimal energy consumption. Therefore, its energy-efficient and reliable ecosystem offers custom dApps implementation and supports several real-world use cases as HotCity, Cycle4Value, and TreeCycle. While ensuring scalability and preventing blockchain bloat, Jelurida is tapping unexplored potential in blockchain sustainable solutions, thus opening the doors towards mainstream adoption.

Ardor - the multichain platform for Smart Contracts and dApps

A comprehensive analysis of the Ardor blockchain platform has been recently published by Crypto Jungle, the Israeli crypto industry learning platform. After a brief introduction about Ardor technology, the review highlights Ardor’s coin distribution, the origin of the project and its development team, how the ARDR currency works, the Ardor network’s pros and cons, ARDR recommended wallets, and how to buy ARDR and IGNIS. If you want to learn more, watch the video about the Ardor multichain solution.

Alberto presents Ardor & crypto events at Radio Intereconomia

Alberto Fernandez has been invited as guest speaker at Intereconomia Spanish Radio to discuss the recent events in the crypto world. The conversation focused on whether the new downward pressures looming against Bitcoin could be a sign of concern or a simple correction in the volatile market. Alberto analyzed the market trend of Bitcoin, the CBDC initiatives, the mining activities out of China, and how these events can strengthen other blockchains. He also expressed that banks are now pivoting to blockchain services, and more customers are ready for Ardor, Ethereum, and other tokens custody. In case you missed it, you can listen to the recorded session in Spanish published by IEB.

Mythical Beings is coming on NFT collection rankings soon

Great news for Mythical Beings, the NFT card collection game on Ardor platform, which got more than 150 users, gained 15th place on DappRadar, and it has yet to appear in the NFT collection rankings. Follow and support the remarkable Mythical Beings project to encourage and CoinMarketCap to integrate it into their rankings!

New Sigbro update available on PlayStore

The new Sigbro update supports the Triffic App GPS tokens, includes new improvements on NFTMagic NFTs, and offers enhanced performance on the Ardor mainnet. Download the new update, now available on PlayStore.

The legend behind Trempulcahue NFT card in Chinese media

Every Mythical Beings NFT card represents a legendary creature with an ancient story, painted by the artist Ana Santiso. In particular, this Chinese article covers the ancestral legend behind the Mythical Beings creature of Trempulcahue, from Mapuche people living in Chile, South America. The myth tells about four old women turning into whales every night to bring the souls of the dead to a legendary Pacific Island, protecting them from evil spirits. Mythical Beings virtual collection, by respecting the cultural legacy of the people from whom borrowed its creatures, represents a unique artistic and educational experience for players.