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Jelurida Weekly Wins

03 Mayo 2021


IGNIS/USDT pair Now Available on Bittrex Exchange

We are glad to announce that one more trading pair for IGNIS is now available on Bittrex exchange - IGNIS/USDT, thus expanding users' trading options.

Triffic Launches the GPS Pay App

Coinerz Group, the creators of the Triffic and GPS Pay projects, has launched the GPS Pay Beta Payments App. GPS Pay allows users to spend their Triffic rewards as cryptocurrency while enabling local purchases. In addition, the app enables users to interact with the Triffic and Ardor/Ignis ecosystems, and it offers a decentralized crypto exchange to convert Ardor and Ignis tokens into GPS tokens, which can be traded also on the STEX exchange. On top of that, the GPS Pay features a decentralized NFT market for users to buy and sell virtual land on the Triffic Map, with a built-in revenue stream for users holding virtual titles to the real-world land. The interesting earning-payment model created by Coinerz Group has been supported by Herni Holm, who has recently joined the company. Henri is former CFO of Nokia Greater China and ex-Senior Vice President of Rovio Entertainment, the company behind the Angry Birds franchise. Henri will help the company to design and execute an effective go-to-market strategy. The launch of GPS Pay has been covered in many crypto publications as, Coinspeaker, U.Today, BTCNewz, CoinQuora, and CoinCodex.

NFT & Gaming Progress in Ardor's Ecosystem

The development of NFT and blockchain game community-developed projects are gaining momentum in the Ardor ecosystem, as covered in this CoinPost article. Bridge Champ, the first on-chain platform for the strategy card game Bridge; BogoShipo, the NFT pet game which has recently launched its official website. HotCity, the Austrian government-funded project to promote sustainable development by crowdsourcing waste heat; and Triffic, the blockchain-based AR game that encourages people to get moving around their local area and get rewarded, while supporting their community businesses. Mythical Beings, a collectible NFT card game developed by the Ardor-based project Tarasca DAO; and NFTMagic, a platform dedicated to store NFT artworks on the Ardor blockchain.

Ardor's Interoperability & multi-chain approach in crypto

The debate between the single and multi-chains approach has often been a topic of discussion in the crypto space. Many projects tackled their existing problems in order to grant blockchain interoperability and security of the entire network while keeping low transaction fees. However, so far, only Jelurida has been capable of providing all these features thanks to Ardor's unique multi-chain approach, thus known as a pioneer in the crypto space, as mentioned in this Ihodl article.

Tarasca Voting Auction for Mythical Beings Paintings by Ana Santiso

Tarasca DAO let the community vote about which one of the four original Mythical Beings paintings by Ana Santiso should be auctioned on the Ardor Platform in the coming week. Dugugera was the favorite and, with an NFT certificate on Ardor, will be a rare digital card in the Mythical Beings game. More information coming soon, stay tuned!

Ardor Leverages blockchain technology for real-world use cases

Ardor continues to make inroads globally by introducing many real-world blockchain use cases, as mentioned in this BTCmanager article. The loyalty reward is the industry that blockchain technology can help to remodel, solving all the existing drawbacks connected with transparency and storage keeping. One great example is Triffic, one of Ardor’s child chains, that offers a great user experience. It incentivizes people for visiting local neighborhoods, collecting beacons, and being rewarded with GPS tokens, and, at the same time, it helps local stores to advertise their business with a specific target audience. Therefore, Jelurida’s Ardor highlights the potential of solving pressing problems with innovative technology, as its child-chain approach suits many additional opportunities.

Lior and Sergi's Opinions at the Global Summit for Java Devs '21

Jelurida showcased technological innovation at the latest Global Summit for Java Devs by Geekle, as covered in this Chinese article. Lior presented the Bridge Champ blockchain-based online gaming server implemented in Java, which provides a dedicated, customizable environment for Bridge players. The dApp features in-game verification “Proof-Of-Play” consensus and NFTs model, token-based incentive system, tamper-proof game rewards and registration, and anti-fraud random verification system. Sergi showcased the Ardor advanced multi-chain architecture, its improved performance, and simplicity. Finally, they answered several questions about Ardor and the blockchain/crypto space in general as part of the Q&A session of the Java conference.