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Jelurida Weekly Wins

12 Abril 2021


Ardor blockchain reaches 2000 online nodes!

Last week, following the announcement of our successful node reward program extension, the number of Ardor online node has increased significantly, reaching and surpassing 2100! The number of Nxt online nodes has also increased - currently they are more than 1800! Don't miss out to participate in the program with total of 6000 IGNIS distributed daily! All instruction are here.

Monetize Your Movement: Triffic's new website!

Triffic - one of the most successful projects of our ecosystem and the newest Ardor child chain, has announced the launch of new version of their website where you can find out more about the the development timeline, countdown to the launch and the vision for version 2.0! Head over now to, download the app and start monetizing your movement! 

Bridge Champ in Chinese media

After the extensive covering in numerous crypto publication in English, the announcement of the Bridge Champ launch roadmap has reached also wider audience in China being published on - a website with over 300 million monthly visits! The press release has also been covered by one more Chinese media last week - Chainkr Finance.

Mythical Beings: final testing before launch

The Tarasca team has concluded the first cycle of testing before the official launch of the Mythical Beings NFT/card collection game on May 1st. Now the second cycle has started with with more than 30 card packs sold in the first hours, and more than 10k IGNIS in the jackpot! If you also wish to become a tester, ask for instructions on Discord or on rhe #Tarasca channel on Slack.

Sigbro: new version now available

Sigbro has announced a new version of the app which is now available in PlayStore. Along with many great UI improvements, it has added support for NFTMagic, integration with and more! Try one of the better Ardor blockchain tools today!

Tarasca covered by Tecnonews

Our growing Spanish community can enjoy an article about Tarasca and Mythical Beings in Spanish translated by our team Francisco Sarrias. The article describes the project and the specifics of the card game and also explains about recent NFT related developments on Ardor. You can read it on Tecnonews.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!