Jelurida Weekly Wins

15 Marzo 2021


Mythical Beings – NFT Flagship project by Tarasca

NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens refer to unique blockchain projects with blockchain management rights. What makes them innovative and valuable is to provide the ownership proof of the original asset, which can be reviewed by anyone, to capture the value needs of users and to offer the high-speed transfer of assets on the chain. Therefore, they are getting the investors' attention thanks to many new NFT possibilities, for example, for game items, digital art collections, event tickets, and even ownership records of physical assets. As mentioned in this Blockchain-Star Finance article, the well-established Ardor public blockchain is committed to improving scalability and promoting the development of NFTs projects, as Mythical Beings, the first trading card game with digital collectibles by Tarasca, the first DAO based on Ardor. Mythical Beings is currently undergoing final testing and it will be officially launched on Ardor soon! Stay tuned!

Ardor Lightweight Contracts – Episode 7

The seventh episode of our educational series "Ardor – 10 things you need to know" explains the Lightweight Contracts, which are the Ardor answer to Smart Contracts. This unique Ardor feature represents a more flexible and scalable approach: instead of requiring every node to process every contract invocation, only the parties interested in the contract need to process it and verify that they reach the same state. Lightweight Contracts are Smart Contracts built in Java and they provide a layer of automation on top of the Ardor platform APIs. Learn more about this powerful tool on the Ardordocs dedicated page.

Francisco speaker at Digital Week Online

On Friday 12th, Francisco took part as speaker at the Digital Week Online Summit presenting Bridge Champ. It will be the first on-chain online platform for the famous strategy card game on Ardor ecosystem, it will operate an in-game economy and will provide a secure platform for tamper-proof and transparent competitions.

Alberto's article about Ardor blockchain & crypto-economy published on IEB report

On March 2021, one year after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IEB – Instituto de Estudios Bursàtiles in Madrid has published a report about financial and legal considerations of this singular historic time. In particular, Alberto Fernandez examines in his article (from page 91) the profound change and innovation to the financial system and the blockchain industry exponential growth. Further, he highlights the added value provided by the blockchain technology and the decentralized systems, despite the speculations on volatility of many cryptocurrencies. Several companies have already included the blockchain technology within their digital transformation plans, leading to the rise of real-world use cases. To cite a few examples on Ardor ecosystem: Triffic, BridgeChamp, Coalculus, Bitswift, NFTMagic, Tarasca, TreeCoin, and HotCity.

Jelurida joined the EU Blockchain Initiative Map

Jelurida joined the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum Initiative Map with Ardor as one of the blockchain projects located in Switzerland, Lugano. We are glad to contribute to this initiative, which aims to develop an attractive technological ecosystem and to accelerate blockchain innovation within the EU.

Read Jelurida Africa comments on Nigeria Crypto ban

Adedayo, Jelurida Africa managing director, commented on the recent prohibition on cryptocurrencies by the Central Bank of Nigeria. In this CoinPost article, he explains that the imposed ban is an aggressive strategy to exclude crypto investors from the traditional banking system, therefore it is a threat to the development of blockchain-related fintech organizations. In Nigeria, where most of the population is involved in cryptocurrencies looking for transparency, the best way to address this situation would be to engage directly with rules to make different financial ecosystems coexist. Despite the CBN's directive, Jelurida Africa expansion plan is to engage more African countries through many initiatives and educational meetups, to adopt the decentralized system offered by blockchain technology.