Jelurida Weekly Wins

19 Octubre 2020


Ignis advantages highlighted by Coincodex

Sharding is not the solution for increased blockchain adoption, as explained by Coincodex article, and Ethereum's assumption that sharding could increase blockchain usability fails to consider the general user experience. Ardor is one of the blockchain platforms using a form of sharding protocol, with its pioneering multi-chain architecture. But its competitive advantage are not only limited to that. Ignis, the main child chain of the Ardor platform, is a full-featured and permissionless public chain offering multiple pre-built ready-to-use and easily customizable applications. Furthermore, Ignis is the exclusive chain for Ardor lightweight contracts for straightforward automation with other child chains. Hence, the extensive offering of features available on Ignis and Ardor's parent-child chain architecture demonstrate Jelurida key focus on creating a whole and solid user experience, leading to higher and easier blockchain adoption for several business use cases.

GiveSafely donation platform presented at ABDC series

GiveSafely, the new secure donation platform built on Ardor blockchain, has been presented during the weekend event of ABDC series on October 17th. The conversation focused on fundraising on the blockchain, where panelists and speakers shared their opinions about traditional charitable organizations vs. blockchain-based charity and whether blockchain has solved the issues of donators' trust and data security. To keep up to date with all related news, subscribe for their newsletter.

New version for SmartVoting platform with many added features is the new version of SmartVoting, one of the many projects built on Ardor blockchain platform. New features have been added recently to improve the voting user experience as: reusable addresses for returning users, double capacity power, voting end date with user time zone, questions in order by creation and analog method with weighted votes.

Ardor Vietnam community is launched

We are happy to announce that the Ardor Vietnam community has been officially launched, in collaboration with Blockchain Core Community. Now Vietnam is part of Jelurida worldwide communities together with Africa, South Korea, China, raising and strengthening awareness and expanding worldwide the adoption of our blockchain technology.

D4ALL – Digital Asset Economy session video is published

Francisco Sarrias took part on October 7 in D4A – Democracy4all, Blockchain for Governance Global Online Edition, as panelist for the "Digital Asset Economy – The New Standard to Embrace" session. The conversation focused on the analysis of the digital asset economy, its meaning from personal and business perspectives, the direction of this trend and what future challenges could bring. Last, the panelists discussed what are the needs from a regulatory and government standpoint and final recommendations for increased knowledge about digital asset economy.