Jelurida Weekly Wins

09 Marzo 2020


HD wallet in Ardor - Lior's new Medium article

HD wallet support is coming to Ardor, soon you'll be able to generate unlimited number of accounts all from one seed. The implementation will include both hardware and software solutions. Learn all about our HD wallet design and what applications you'll be able to build with it in Lior Yaffe's latest medium article.

Jelurida is March Member of the Month of Switzerland Global Enterprise

Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) is a Swiss organization which promotes exports and investments by helping its clients to realize new potential for their international businesses and thus to strengthen Switzerland as an economic hub. S-GE also helps local companies on the path to new markets. As a Swiss based company, Jelurida is a member of S-GE and this month we have the pleasure to be selected as a Member of the Month. Read the featured interview with one of our directors - Kristina Kalcheva, who shares some of the lessons learned and experiences gained on Jelurida's path to internationalization.

Watch the video from BlockchainSpirit Barcelona

Ardor was presented by Veronica Torras at the BlockchainSpirit Barcelona - an event which we reported in our previous weekly updates. Now you can also watch the video from the presentation dedicated to the future of blockchain and multichain architectures.

New Ardor developers community at Codemotion

Alberto Fernandez created a new developers community for Ardor at Codemotion - a platform dedicated to connect IT professionals, technology communities and companies. Since Ardor API allows for developers to build dApps using the programming language they know, this is a community not restricted only to Java engineers, all programmers are welcome. Make sure to follow it and don't miss any of the upcoming events.

Famous Korean youtuber D.Go interviews Lior

Do you wish to understand Ardor in just 60 seconds? Watch the shorter view of the famous Korean youtuber D.GO with Lior Yaffe, who presents Ardor, its architecture and its "sharding per application" model for our Korean community - one of our most active and supportive communities.

Join Triffic's beta testing and earn GPS tokens!

Triffic, the augmented reality lifestyle app built on Ardor, rewards you with GPS tokens just for moving about! After releasing its beta for iOS, the team released an Android version too which still accepts testers. Download it here, and start earning GPS tokens right now, even before the production launch!

February Newsletter was delivered

Our February newsletter was delivered with details of all interesting news from the last month - including the release of a new Nxt version (mandatory upgrade for everyone), featured articles in blockchain media, more tech news, and much more. You can subscribe to our newsletters and receive directly in your inbox all important updates for Ardor, Ignis and Nxt.

The Weekly Wins videos come to you thanks to community member Madfox!